Nakhodka Port

More than three centuries ago, the Russians reached the Pacific Ocean and started exploring the coastline. It wasn't long before the Governor General of Eastern Siberia, N.I. Muravyev-Amursky, decided to set off with a convoy of Russian ships to explore the southern districts of the Japanese Sea. They set off from the Japanese port Hakodate and were heading in the direction of the Primorsk region. On the evening of June 17, they entered a bay that was previously unknown to them. They decided to spend the night anchored in the bay and the next morning awoke to discover the immense beauty of the bay. According to legend, one of the sailors shouted: "it is the find", which is "Nakhodka" in Russian. From that day forward, the bay came to be known as Nakhodka Bay.

Today Nakhodka Port, which is situated in the bay, is able to berth about twenty ships at one time and can process up to and over 1500 large-capacity vessels in a year. At the port there is an up-to-date gantry crane with the capacity to hold up to forty tons, roll trailers and trailers for transporting containers and cargo with dimensions that are large and wide. There is also a fifty ton truck-mounted crane on site, as well as electric and truck loaders that are able to hold a variety of weights. One will also find a twenty-ton overhead traveling cranes with a span of fifty meters, pneumatic grain re-loaders and other equipment that helps to process cargo contained in piles, bags, rolls, casks, containers and sacks. If cargo exceeds the limits of the above machinery there is 300-ton floating cranes available for use.

All the piers found at Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port are general-purpose and can handle different types of cargo. It can process materials like rolled ferrous metal products, chemicals, grain, equipment, lumber, cardboard, foodstuff and other cargoes. Nakhodka is known as the "Russian gate into the Far East" since the port can connect to any place in Europe using the Trans-Siberian Railroad. There are also plans to build an international airport near Nakhodka in the near future.


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