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Russian Radio is a very popular form of mass media. All the houses in Russia have a socket for radios. Because of the size of Russia, frequencies may vary in different cities. There are 2 378 radio stations in Russia, with music stations being the most popular.

Russia's main news stations are Radio Mayak (67.22FM and 549 AM); Radio of Russia and Echo of Moscow (91.2 FM in Moscow). The most popular music radio stations in Russia are Russkoe Radio (Russian pop); Maximum (international and Russian music); Europa-Plus (mostly pop); Dinamit FM (aimed at the youth); Radio Jazz (jazz and lounge music). Several international radio stations have been broadcasting in Russia via shortwaves band. These include Radio Liberty and Voice of America.

Below is a list of Russian radio stations along with frequencies and the cities in which they are broadcast:


70.19 FM Radio ULTRA (alternative music)
91.2 FM Echo Moscow (news and talk shows)
103.7 FM MAXIMUM (rock music)
101.7 FM Nashe Radio (Russian rock music)
100.5 FM BEST FM (80's music)
105.7 FM Russian Radio (Russian pop)
106.2 FM Europa Plus (pop music)
1330 AM New Life Russian Radio (pop music, news and talk shows)


105.9 FM North Capital Radio
104.0 FM Radio Modern
91.1 FM Radio Melodia
107.8 FM Super Radio
104.8 FM Radio Baltika


103.4 FM Radio Randevu (Novgorod)
102.3 FM Radio August (Toliatti)
104.5 FM Radio Rating (Obninsk)
104.0 FM Radio Volga FM (Kazan)
103.7 FM Radio C (Ekaterinburg)
102.7 FM Auto Radio (Perm)
104.3 Radio Samara-Maximum (Samara)
103.0 FM Radio MRC (Magnitogorsk)
101.7 FM Radio VBC (Vladivostok)
103.1 FM Radio Olimp (Khabarovsk)
101.9 FM Lider (Kiev)
107.3 FM Radio Mix (Dnepropetrovsk)
103.0 FM Radio Roks (Minsk)
105.0 FM Pyramid Radio (Bishkek)


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