Discover these incredible destinations in Russia

Russia is a land of white snow and lethal winters, but also of rivers that ramble across the meadows and a midsummer sun that never sets. Its people, in the words of a Russian proverb, 'love to suffer', yet they also love to party and can be disarmingly openhanded and welcoming.

North West Russia

When it comes to getting back to nature, you can choose from several natural zones such as arctic snow-laden deserts to millennia old forests in North West Russia. There are also many rivers and lakes - many of which, besides being incredibly beautiful, are used as a source of transportation.

Central Russia

Central Russia has a lot of treats to offer the discerning traveler. You can visit the Kremlin, Red Square, The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, The Tretyakov Gallery and The Novodevichy Monastery - each a feast for the eyes. There are a lot of other things to see here too, and if you'd like to spend time in a few different cities in this region, the Golden Circle is a trip worth taking.

South Ural

A mountainous area between Europe and Asia, South Ural has a lot to offer. It has three main biomes - forested mountains, partially wooded steppes and grassy steppes. Together these combine to make a beautiful and diverse landscape which exhibits topographical elements from all over Russia. You will find more than 200 national parks in South Ural - each with their own specialty.

No matter what destination you choose to travel to in Russia, they are all unique and each of them will provide an experience that will make a mark in your memory forever.


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Enrik Villa - 2010-06-27 18:25:34

Excellent, but please add maps of each Russian region and provide information of how to reach them. Add internet links. You have got so much to offer!

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Tim - 2009-10-06 23:38:57


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