Russian River Rafting Adventures

River-rafting trips in Russia will give you the chance to explore Russia's landscape along some of the most beautiful waterways to be found in this country. The river-rafting trips are typically hosted in remote wilderness areas with limited access, including Karelia, the Altai Mountains, parts of Siberia, and the Lake Baikal region. Most of the Russian river-rafting trips are suitable for both keen beginners and skilled rafters. However, beginners have to make sure that they skip the biggest rapids if they aren't experienced enough, as the toughest sections of some rivers can be very dangerous.

Russia's landmass stretches across two continents, from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean which makes up an impressive one-sixth of the earth's land. Although more than 40,000 rivers drain this huge area, due to perestroika and the collapse of the Iron Curtain, they have only recently become accessible to western white water river-rafting and kayaking enthusiasts.

River-rafting enthusiasts from all over the world consider outdoor trips in the former Soviet Union as the best and most exciting experiences of their life. River-rafting in Russia is not just a trip down a river, but rather a river adventure far from civilization. The wonderful landscapes of Russia that you see from a dusty 4X4 on your way to the river, and the very special smell of taiga combined with the smoke of a real campfire will leave a mark in your memory forever.


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Mike - 2009-09-07 19:46:11

How can I go to rafting in Russia. I have web-site

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