A Guide to Affordable Vacations in Russia

No doubt browsing Russia-Channel.com has got you itching to make your travel plans for a great holiday in Russia. Fortunately you don’t have to go far to get started. Russia-Channel.com has links to dozens of tour operators and organized tours to help you plan the ideal holiday. We also have links to various forms of accommodation to make it even easier for you to find a place to stay that suits both your budget and your taste. Though many services are still being improved on, Russia is fast becoming a popular holiday destination amongst global travelers. For this reason it is best to organize your Russian holiday far in advance to avoid any disappointments.

Russia is an incredibly beautiful country that stretches across Eurasia and encompasses historical cities, untouched landscapes and rural villages. As a tourist destination it has virtually everything the average visitor could want. The culture is rich and the art is inspiring. Historical treasures abound – as do ancient buildings and religious edifices. The terrain is varied and the seasons will have you soaking up a wonderfully warm, mild sun or gently showered in the softest, thickest and coldest snow. There are so many lakes and rivers – each with their own allure – that you will find yourself completely unsure of what sights and attractions you most want to enjoy during your stay here. All of this combines to provide visitors with the ultimate Russian holiday.

For something a little different you might try a cruise that meanders up and down the waterways between St Petersburg and Moscow. On the way you will not only be given plenty of opportunity to explore the rich heritage of the cities, but you will also be exposed to the brilliants of the Russian landscape whilst enjoying luxurious facilities. A more exciting option you may want to try is that of flying a fighter jet through the rich blue Russian skies at incredible speeds. Then again, you may want to try some off-piste skiing or you may prefer to abandon civilization and go hiking and mountain climbing in one of the many rich nature reserves across the country. Whatever the case, you can be sure that Russia has exactly what you are looking for. So contact your nearest tour operator or travel agent today and start organizing your dream Russian vacation.


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