Affordable skiing vacations in Russia

Russia is seen by many as being the ideal vacation destination. Not only is the country filled with culture, history, art and architecture, but it its terrain is varied and it is filled with breathtaking national parks and nature reserves. In addition to this, The northernmost parts of Russia are known for their inescapable cold and snow and, when you combine this with the rugged beauty of the Caucasus mountains, you will find that Russia is an destination for skiing vacations.

Skiing vacations in Russia are many and varied. The country has more than a hundred different ski areas. Some of them may be old, but they offer unbelievable skiing opportunities. Russian skiing vacations generally cater to those who are already experienced skiers – yet there are a few places that you can go if you still need to learn the tricks of the trade. Some of the more popular skiing resorts for Russian skiing vacations include Mount Elbrus, Cheget and the Volen Sport Park. Mount Elbrus is popular because it offers some more risky options such as heli-skiing. Cheget is a good resort with a number of challenging runs while the Volen Sport Park offers visitors more than just skiing and so it makes for the perfect family destination.

In addition to the many delightful slopes available, visitors will be able to absorb and explore other facets of Russia during the course of their stay. This may include a short day-trip to a nearby city or even a snow-cat ride through the rugged but beautiful Russian countryside.

With the currency being so low, accommodation and hire cost relatively little for the average tourist. There are many fine resorts offering great accommodation; they are warm and hospitable – exactly the sort of place you want to spend your evenings warming up after a day in the snow. The snow itself is of superb quality and the runs are varied and many so you will find plenty to keep you busy. Recent years has seen a few of the skiing resorts in Russia being developed into more modern facilities, so you may be able to enjoy a greater variety of activities soon – such as snowboarding or snow skating. Whatever the case, you will find that Russia is the ideal place to go on a snow-skiing vacation!


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