Russian Skiing Adventures

Skiing is a traditional winter sport enjoyed in many places throughout the world. However, not all skiing locations offer the highest peaks or the most exhilarating slopes. And yet others only offer snow during certain seasons because warmer weather means unsuitable snow or no snow at all. So where do you go to enjoy great snow and breathtaking peaks all year around? Russia has a lot to offer skiers in this regard.

Russia boasts more than 100 ski areas. Many of them are small and old, but still provide amazing ski opportunities regardless of the need for updated equipment. However, because of the increasing demand from international travelers, there are a few winter resorts which are being developed into first rate skiing facilities.

Mount Elbrus offers the highest peak and year-around skiing. The peaks can be reached by cable car or helicopter, making for easy access to amazing heights. From the highest cable car station, Mir, you can enjoy an amazing 2 kilometer run. Heli-skiing offers the opportunity to ski pristine slopes with less activity about you.

Cheget is another very popular ski resort. Located in the Caucasus Mountains in the Baksan Valley, Mount Cheget has five runs that challenge even the most experienced skiers.

The Volen Sport Park is also a great place for skiing. It is located 60 kilometers from Moscow and is well developed to cater for the needs of visitors and locals wishing to take part in various winter sports. There are six slopes catering to different needs as well as elevators and equipment hire.

Remember that these are just some of the ski resorts in Russia, there are many others just waiting to be discovered. Why not see which one you like the most?


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