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Cellular phones, or mobile phones, have fast become a world-wide phenomenon since they were first created over a decade ago. They provide the ultimate means to get in contact with friends and relatives, to do banking and to surf the internet no matter what your location. Russia is certainly no different. Despite the many thousands of Russian people who own cell phones, a sure indicator is the incredible amount of cellular phone networks that cover this vast Eurasian country.

There are currently over 70 different cellular networks operating in Russia. Some networks cover only parts of the country while others claim to cover every inch of the country. Still others cover the main parts of Russia as well as several other eastern European countries. If you plan to travel around Eastern Europe, it is usually best to choose such a network. Russia SMS services are a popular means of communication and some cellular phone networks offer their SMS free in Russia. However, this is usually part of some or other special and you will usually find that the deal makes up for this by charging extra for some other service.

Cellular phones can be rented or bought in Russia with relatively little effort. If you already have a GSM enabled cellular phone, you can save money by purchasing a top-up card for use with your existing phone. Whatever network you choose, it is advisable to shop around and do a bit of homework to make sure that you choose the network that will cater to your needs as best as possible. Below you will find a list of both planned and existing networks. This will hopefully give you an idea of what is available in Russia.

Cellular Communications of Udmurtia
Central Telecommunication Company (Tambovskaya Electrosvyaz)
Chelyabinsk Cellular Communications LLC (Tele2-Chelyabinsk)
CJSC Novgorod Telecommunications (INDIGO - Novgorod Oblast)
CJSC Sonic Duo (MegaFon)
Close Corporation Kemerovo Mobile Communication (TELE2 - Kemerovo Region)
Dal Telecom International
DonTeleCom (DTC)
Ermak RMS
Extel Mobile Com. System
Far East Telecommunications Company OJSC
Far Eastern Cellular Systems - 900
Gorizont-RT Ltd
Joint-stock company - Orensot (ORENSOT - Orenburg)
JSC Mobicom-Center (Mobicom-Center JSC)
JSC Sakhalin Telecom Mobile (Sakhalin GSM)
JSC Uralsvyazinform
Kuban- GSM Closed JSC (Kuban-GSM)
LLC Ekaterinburg-2000 (MOTIV)
LLC RP Technologies (TELE2)
MegaFon, Open Joint Stock Company
Mobicom-Khabarovsk, CJSC
Mobicom-Novosibirsk, CJSC (Mobicom - Novosibirsk - Siberian Region)
Mobile Communications Systems
Mobile TeleSystems (MTS)
New Telephone Company
Nizhegorodskaya Cellular Communications
OJSC Mobile Communication Systems-Povolzhie (Megafon - Povolzhie)
OJSC Sibirtelecom (ULAN-UDE CELLULAR NETWORK - The Buryat Republic)
OJSC VimpelCom (Beeline)
Primtelefon (Primtelefone)
Rostov Cellular Communications (TELE2)
Sayantelecom LLC
Severnaya Korona Corporation (TELE2)
SIBCHALLENGE LTD (SIBCHALLENGE - RUSSIA (Krasnoyarsk & Taimyr Territory))
Siberian Cellular Communications (TELE2-OMSK)
South Ural Cellular Telephone Co Ltd
St. Petersburg Telecom (TELE2)
StavTelesot (North Caucasian GSM)
TAIF - Telcom (Tatar-American Investments and Finance)
Tomsk Cellular Communication
Vostok-Zapad Telecom (Beeline)
Votek Mobile
Yeniseytelecom (Yeniseitelecom)
Zao Mobicom-Kavkaz (Mega Fon)
ZAO Ural GSM (MegaFon)


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