The Famed Moscow Artistic Academic Theatre

The Moscow Artistic Academic Theater is also known in Russian as MHAT. Founders Konstantin S. Stanislavsky and Vladimir I. Nemirovich-Danchenko established the Moskow Artistic Academic Theater in 1897. Stanislavsky was the artistic director and Nemirovitch-Danchenko was the administrative director. The Moscow Artistic Academic Theater is also known as the Moscow Art Theater, or unofficially as the Seagull Theater. The Moscow Art Theater become known by the four Anton Chekhov productions featured at the theater, of which the first production was "The Seagull". The Moscow Art Theatre still has a seagull as its mascot. The theater is located just north-west from the Red Square in Moscow.

The Moscow Art Theater was opened with the goal to be a theater that specializes in naturalism, replacing the old fashioned, heavy histrionic acting. The state contributed funds in exchange for the theater producing socialist drama. The very first production hosted by the theater was "Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich" written by Aleksey Tolstoy, but as mentioned before, the theater only won acclaim with the production of The Seagull. The humble beginnings of the theatre included amateur actors and rehearsals that took place in a barn. Fortunately, one of those amateurs was wealthy and his interest in the theater secured the building that the Moscow Art Theater is located in today. The production of The Seagull not only brought fame to the theater but to Chekhov as well. Later productions included works by Maksim Gorky, Maurice Maeterlinck and the Dostoyevsky Brothers. One of theater's most interesting production achievements was "The Blue Bird" by Meaterlinck.

The company of the Moscow Art Theater successfully toured the United States of America, with their work reflecting the social and political changes within Russia.

The theater is currently being run by Oleg Tabokov, who took over the Moscow Artistic Academy Theater in 2000. The theater seats approximately 1 350 people and produces about fifteen productions a year. Four or five of the productions are new, with only the best and most popular productions gracing the stage for several weeks. The Moscow Art Theater is equipped with modern stage equipment, revolving stage and can accommodate art productions.


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