World-Class Performances at Mossovet Theater

The Mossovet Theater was founded in 1923 and was originally known as the Theater of Moscow Trade Unions. The Mossovet Theater is located in Moscow and was established to perform for local audiences at a lower cost. Lenin once said that art should reflect “the simple black bread of peasantry”. The theater’s founder was S.Prokofyev, who was both a literary man and a director. The Theater of Moscow Trade Unions changed its name to the Mossovet Theater in the year 1938. The Mossovet Theater had its name derived from Moscow Soviet, and has retained its Soviet name and has tried to ensure that all its productions are of a high artistic standard. The Mossovet Theater was situated on the Hermitage grounds until 1948, and past works that have been produced by the theater have been “A Tavern Keeper”, “Othello” by Shakespeare, “Maskarade” by Lermontov, and many others.

The Mossovet Theater can easily accommodate 1 200 audience members and concentrates on more modern dramatic performances. The theare has also had many famous performers on their stage and created several very controversial pieces.

The production called “Hurricane” or “Storm” was a piece written by Vladimir Naumovich. America rejected the production, and the emotion evoking piece regarding propaganda was produced in the Mossovet Theater in 1925.

The famous Arcady Kirichenko was born in Novoshakhtinsk, Russia, on 16 April 1956. Arcady Kirichenko became a celebrated Russian musician and actor, and worked at the Mossovet Theater during the years of 1984 to 1986. He also featured in the “Mann ist Mann” production that was directed by Mark Weil.

The Mossovet Theater, which has one of Russia’s leading theater troupes, visited Kyiv in the Ukraine in 1962 to perform some of its most favoured pieces. Amongst the troupe was the famous 1930's and 1940’s Russian film star, Lubov Orlova.

Today, the Mossovet Theater still entertains audiences with spectacularly talented performers and productions such as “Jesus Christ – Superstar” by Andrew Lloyd Weber, and many other world class productions. This production in particular is an interesting combination of rock opera and the traditions upheld by Russian theater schools.


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