Take in a Performance at the Baltic House Theater

The Baltic House Theater is officially known as the St Petersburg State Theater The Baltic House. The name and State Theater status was only awarded to the theater in 1991. The beginnings of this theater started in 1936, as a Leningrad State Theater, which was named after Leninsky Komosomol. Two groups that played a significant role in regard to theater in the mid 1920's and in the 1930’s were the Working Youth Theater and the Red Theatre. It was due to their influence that the Leninsky Komosomol Theater was operational by 1939 in the new building that was situated in Petrogradskaya Side.

The Baltic House Theater was created with the aim of becoming the centre of theatrical culture. All the most modern plays, and works from modern authors, were produced by the stage directors. Remaining true to artistic trends and popular demand, the theater did stage world classics to highlight creative awareness. Ingenious works of art were brought to life by the St Petersburg State Theater The Baltic House by playwrights such as K. Ginkas, R. Bykov, G. Oporkov and V. Kozhin. The masterpieces that were staged by the theater also attracted many brilliant, talented and famous actors, namely V. Chestnokov, T. Doronina, Y. Tolubeev, Y. Panich and A. Balter, to name just a few.

As previously mentioned, the Keninsky Komosomol Theater was renamed in 1991 . The task to keep close bonds and ties during a time when ties between Russia and the former USSR Republics were being severed, became a strained and immense undertaking. The importance of these ties caused approximately a hundred theaters from sixteen different countries to take part in the renowned Baltic House Festival.

Today, Vladimir Tykke is the director of the Baltic House Theater, which is rather appropriate as Tykke, who is a merited artist in Russia, was tied to the Leninsky Komosomol Theater for most of his creative career. Vladimir Tykke took up his position in 1997.


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