Russian Buff Theater - Entertaining For All

If you enjoy theater and are looking for something with a bit of a twist, Buff Theater is an attractive alternative. The first Russian Buff Theater dates back to 1870, but the current Buff Theater was only founded in 1983. Buff is a democratic theatrical genre which is somewhat unique to Russia. The shows may be comedies, musicals or other types of theatrical genre, but they always have democratic overtones. However, you don’t need to have a firm grounding in Russian law to understand the shows since they are designed to be entertaining and the actions and feelings portrayed therein are generally understood by all in attendance.

Because of the dynamic and all-encompassing scripting of the shows, actors who work at the Buff Theater in St Petersburg are usually well grounded in more than one type of stage skill. They may be able to sing, dance and act and may use all these skills in a single performance. This is very unlike other Russian theater groups who are usually highly skilled in just one aspect of theater such as ballet or opera. The current artistic director of the theater is Isaak Shtokbant who is just one of the Merited artists who are performing at the theater. Others worth noting are Svetlana Kifa, Murad Sultaniyazov, Yevgeniy Alexandrov, Vitaliy Zharkov and Mikhail Tryasorukov.

The actual theater is quite large and is made up of three different stages which are each capable of holding independent performances at the same time. The Main Stage is capable of seating 300 guests while the Mirror Lounge caters to only 100 patrons. The Buff-Plus Cabaret is a much smaller stage with only 50 seats. Shows are regularly held on all three stages and the theater also organizes and hosts different parties, balls, night shows and presentations. You will find the Buff Theater at Narodnaya Street 1 in St Petersburg. So the next time you are looking for something different to do whilst in St Petersburg, try the Buff Theater. You may be surprised at just how much you enjoy these lively and varied performances!


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