St Petersburg Opera Chamber Music Theater

One of St Petersburg’s top cultural attractions is the St Petersburg Opera Chamber Music Theater. This lovely theater was established in 1987 by Yuri Alexandrov who was one of Russia’s leading musical theater directors at the time. Alexandrov was one of Russia’s honored artists and he received accolades such as the Russian Golden Mask and the St Petersburg Golden Sophit during the course of his career. He initially conceived the theater on the concept of it serving as a ‘creative laboratory’, a place where thoughts and ideas could be bounced about without the restrictive confines of pre-established theatrical styles. It didn’t take long for the Chamber Music Theater to become a professional state theater with a world-renowned reputation for dishing up excellent theatrical productions.

Many people tend to overlook the theater in favour if its older counterparts but really, the Chamber Music Theater has much to offer. Over a period of roughly seventeen seasons the theater has emerged as forerunner of Russian theater with its unique repertoire and single artistic entity. The majority of the actors and artists who perform at the Opera Chamber Music Theater are talented soloists and musicians who have won prestigious prizes at a numerous national and international competitions. What’s more, the St Petersburg Chamber Opera Company strives to cover every genre, including comic opera and opera buffa. It makes use of classic and contemporary composers and generally displays the cream of the crop from each genre. It has also displayed a number of operas which are held exclusively at the Chamber Theater and so cannot be enjoyed elsewhere in the country or world.

The Chamber Music Theater Company has recognized the value of their skills and performances and have made the effort to tour a number of other cities and countries such as Moscow, Finland, Switzerland, Germany and the United States. And this excellent opera company and theatre is far from falling into disuse since it is very much at the forefront of this form of entertainment. It has recently purchased the Baron von Derviz mansion in the heart of St Petersburg where the tradition of the St Petersburg Opera Chamber Music Theater can continue its legacy of excellent operatic stage productions. Make sure that you catch one or two shows while you visit St Petersburg – they’re absolutely breathtaking.


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