Savyolovsky Rail Terminal

The Savyolovsky Rail Terminal got its name from a small town, named Savyolovo, that is located on the line. Even though it is a terminal with nine rails, the building itself is not nearly as lavish and elaborate as the other railway stations in Moscow. Construction of the Savyolovsky Railway Station took five years to complete as the building was financed through a privately owned company. Work started in 1897 and was completed in the early months of 1902.

The terminal consists of a main building and two single story buildings on each side. It was officially opened and inaugurated in the year 1902 and after its opening the small towns and villages near the terminal were overrun by a growing city. The Savyolovsky Railway Station has now been operating for ninety years and it has seen various improvements in regard to the platforms and the extension of the building. It used to have trains that traveled long distances to destinations such as Uglich and St. Petersburg, but has recently switched to only operating elektrichka trains that only service suburban areas. The bus service, which operates from outside the station, can transport travelers to destinations such as Savyolovo, Kashin and Dubna.

Travelers who are flying with Aeroflot OJSC, a domestic Russian Airline, can check their baggage in and collect their boarding passes from the Savyolovsky Rail Terminal. The Aeroexpress, which is a high-speed electric train, will transport you from the Savyolovsky Railway Station to the Lobnya Station. From here, travelers will board the transportation bus that will take them directly to the Sheremetyevo 1 Terminal at the airport.

Another wonderful, yet somewhat strange, initiative is being looked at for railway stations across Moscow. The very first railway that connected St Petersburg to Tsarskoye Selo was built in 1837. And in those years it was not strange to find famous singers and well known classical musicians performing in the railway terminals. Musicians such as Johann Strauss, Fyodor Chaliapin and Varvya Panina, were familiar faces in the St Petersburg Railway Station and it was seen as an honor if a musician was requested to play in the terminal. Today, this festive part of the Russian culture has been forgotten, but together the Russian Ministry of Railways, the Savyolovsky Rail Terminal is hoping to change that by bringing music back to the Savyolovsky Railway Station. With each railway station in Moscow being a masterful and breathtaking work of art, it is hoped that soon there will be classical music filling the terminals of every station in Moscow, to enhance and bring attention to the architectural masterpieces that have been left behind. And it might just raise the spirits of many weary travelers.


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