Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal

The Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal was first constructed in 1862. The site it was constructed on is next to Leningradsky Terminal, the first rail terminal ever to be built in Moscow. The main building of the Yaroslavsky Terminal was started in 1902 and competed two years later in 1904 by Fyodor Shechtel.

Later, in 1910, the Yaroslavsky railway terminal's concourse and platform were expanded by Lev Kekushev. This was not the last addition to the Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal. It was added to in 1956-57 and again in 1995. Today it is capable of serving up to three hundred pairs of trains every day. You can contact the Yaroslavsky Terminal by phoning 921-5914/0817 or at 262-9271.

The Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal can be located at 5 Komsomolskaya Square one of the busiest centers in Moscow. The Komsomolskaya Square is also referred to as the 'Three Station Square' because it has three railway terminals, which are Leningradsky, Yaroslavsky and Kazansky. The station is named after Yaroslavl, a historical city in Russia, which is now part of the World Heritage Site list.

Yaroslavsky Terminal is one of the nine major railway terminals situated in Moscow. The Moscow Metro serves all nine of the major train stations and is one of the most crowded public transport facilities in the capital. The first railway line to be opened in Moscow was in 1935, which included thirteen stations. Today there are more then one hundred and fifty stations, which makes part of the Moscow Metro. Keep in mind that when you use the Moscow Metro all trips are at a fixed rate, whether the trip is long or short. You can also buy a token inside at the Metro entrance halls.

Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal also has the most passengers passing through its terminals out of all the other main stations serving eastern destinations. The Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal is part of the Trans-Siberian Railway, which is one of the longest railways in the world. The renowned Trans-Siberian Railway is made up of an extensive network of railways, which connects European and Asian Russia with Mongolia, Japan and China.


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