Plan your Russian Travel Experience now

If you are planning on traveling to another country on vacation, Russia is a fantastic choice. Flights are constant and very accessible, car hire and accommodation is plentiful and there are many vacation packages that cater for various needs.

Russia has so much to offer travelers and the tourist options are endless. Russia boasts many exciting, bustling cities as well as small picturesque countryside towns, each with its own special attractions.

You can plan a day of fun and adventure by exploring Russia's landscape through some of the most beautiful waterways to be found in this country on a river rafting tour. If you are amongst the ones who prefer the wildlife tours, then why not go on a exciting jeep tour to the Republic of Sakha in Yakutia, which has a high population of Brown Bears.

If its history that excites you, Russia offers a good measure of this too. Moscow and St. Petersburg have an abundance of museums, art galleries and guided tours through the older sections of the cities. Historical tours feature monuments, old Russian architecture and many more hidden gems.

Russia is also home to some of the oldest lakes in the world, such as Lake Baikal - an estimated 25-30 million years old. When visiting in winter, Russia is covered in snow and the lakes are covered with a dense layer of ice, these conditions are very favorable for those who enjoy winter adventures such as skiing, snowboarding, ice-diving and ice-skating.

Russia is a country that has something to cater for everyone's taste, and when the sun sets, you can spoil yourself to some lip-smacking Russian cuisine in one of the many delightful restaurants. Make Russia your next holiday destination - you wont regret it!


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