Russia Television

Russian TV has come a long way. Many may expect Russian TV programming to be boring, but the fact is that many of the Russian TV stations are now broadcasting interesting talk shows covering a variety of topics. There are also channels which offer international entertainment programs, series, comedies and so forth. Statistics show that 1 in every 2.7 persons in Russia has a television.

Television is actually recognized as Russia's most influential form of media. Interestingly watching the Russian TV is greater value for money than purchasing a newspaper. Viewers do not pay for the national channels, only paying for power. During the Soviet period national programs were broadcast from the city of Moscow, hence Russian TV today has an excellent network for transmission.

The largest state involved Russian TV stations are ORT, All Russian TV and St. Petersburg TV. Public Russian Television or ORT reaches some 140 million viewers. ORT has 51% state involvement. On this channel you can view news from Russian reporters the world over and more. All Russian TV reaches about 50 million people and is completely state run. NTV is a private channel, but is still a designated national channel. NTV was originally owned by MOST Group, however, due to their extensive criticism of the Russian government they experienced many problems. The new owner provides programming which is both interesting and offers little criticism of the country's political situation. Journalists from NTV have gone on to form TV-tsentr and TVC. Culture or Kultura channel is designed to promote Russian culture and education. Russian TV entertainment channels include STS, TNT, Ren TV (with movies, series etc.), Muz TV (with Russian pop music) and MTV.

Russia also has access to satellite television. If you are looking for English TV in Russia, this is your best bet. Kosmos TV and Divo TV broadcast via satellite from Moscow. Other satellite channels that can be viewed in Russia include CNN, BBC, Discovery, Euronews and Bloomberg.

If you would like to get an idea of the type of programs broadcast in the country visit one of the free Internet TV channels in Russia. There is a variety of free Russian Internet TV Channels. These include Internet-MOST, ATV, TDK, Music Box and TV Plus.


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