Explore the Beautiful Chelyabinsk of Russia

Located on the eastern slope of the Ural Mountains, Chelyabinsk is the major industrial, scientific, and cultural center of the Ural Mountain area. This beautiful city is surrounded by a pine forest and lies along the pretty Miass River.

Chelyabinsk is slightly hilly in the west, gradually descending to the east and sectioned by the Miass River and narrows with lakes and swamps, which sets the perfect hiking, skiing or ice skating spot for all types of visitors and tourists. Ice covers the rivers from the beginning of November to the middle of April. Its thickness runs up to 80 centimeters throught to the end of winter and is enjoyed by all the locals who enjoy ice skating.

Chelyabinsk has become one of Russia's major industrial centers over the past view years, supplying well-known metal products and nearly one-fifth of the country's big bore pipes, over sixty percent of stainless steel and about 40 percent of road-building machines.

Citizens of and tourists to Chelyabinsk have the opportunity to attend drama and concert theaters, an art gallery, a huge philharmonic hall, a beautiful organ hall, a circus, several museums and 19 cinemas.

Stroll down Arbat Street, lined with trees, lamps of cast iron and lots of benches make the street cozy and comfortable. There are clothing shops, bookstores, a photo gallery, and jewelry shops. There's even an Irish Pub. All along Arbat Street in February you can see ice sculptures of birds, angels, people, or anything else that came to the artist's mind.

Chelyabinsk boasts enough sites to see in the summer and enough snow to make the whole family feel like skiing in the winter. The city center is compact enough to explore it by foot and the people are very hospitable. Travel Russia to enjoy these and many other delights.


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