Zyuratkul National Park - A Natural and Historical Wonder

Located in the Satkinsky District of the Chelyabinsk Region is the stunning Zyuratkul National Park. Founded in November 1993, the national park covers an area of 215.3 thousand acres. Not only is the landscape of Zyuratkul remarkable but the park also boasts 15 natural relics.

Zyuratkul National Park's focal point is Zyuratkul Lake. The lake stands at 724 m above sea level and holds some 80 million meters cubed. A number of springs, streams and rivers feed into the sparkling lake. The Bolshaya Satka River has its source here. Zyuratkul Lake is the only body of water on the western slopes of the southern Urals. All through the year the volume of the lakes water is replaced. As such it is the chief freshwater reservoir of Chelyabinsk. Although water running through Zyuratkul is limited, it is wonderfully clean. Surrounding Lake Zyuratkul are several mountains. The largest of these ranges is Nourgoush. Measuring 1 406m Nourgoush is the highest ridge in Chelyabinsk. A large plateau tops off the tough mountains. Legend states that Father Frost (aka, Father Christmas) resides on this plateau. Geologists have discovered an uncommon paleovolcano ridge in which there is a rich underground store of over 70 minerals. This is a truly remarkable location.

Stunning natural wonders are abundant at Zyuratkul National Park. Some 650 plants species of the area are able to sustain the 44 mammal species that call the park home. Keep your eyes open for bears, elk, squirrels, foxes and so forth. The rivers are habitats fro grayling, gudgeon, ruff, perch, burbot, crucian and other fish species. Bird watchers can look out for 150 different bird species.

Zyuratkul National Park is not only about nature, but 12 monuments of archeological significance have been found within. These sites tell stories of ancient hunters and fishers who lived here. Finds have included pottery, manufacturing waste-products and tools. Another attraction in the park is the ice fountain. This fountain was created when geologists drilled a hole into the ground. A fountain of cool water sprang up. During winter the fountain freezes in a column of ice. For a magical adventure into Russia's natural landscape, pay a visit to Zyuratkul National Park.


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