Rastorguyev-Kharitonov's House - A Lovely Historical Structure

Rastorguyev-Kharitonov’s House was constructed between 1794 and 1824, in the city of Ekaterinburg in Russia. Although it is not known exactly which architect was responsible for this breathtaking home, it is suspected that the most popular and sought after architect of the time, M.P. Malakhov, did have some influence on the design and construction of Rastorguyev-Kharitonov’s House.

This beautiful Ekaterinburg home was constructed with the main façade, considered the south facing façade, overlooking the square. The south façade has a colonnade of six Corinthian columns, forming the balconies for the first and second floors, and are based upon a high arcade. The diversity between the west and south facades are astounding. The west façade lowers into the direction of the train terminals and the east façade opens up into a spectacular garden. Even though diverse, both the east and west facades are decorated with detailed grate work and columns.

Alongside the nearby Church of Ascension, the mansion dominates the Voznesenky Hill (Ascension Hill). It is a classic example of the very peculiar Etaterinburg-style estate that was constructed on the most elevated part of the city. It façade stretching along a “red-line”, and eventually giving way to breathtaking gardens, fascinating court yards, lush green parks and auxiliary premises. The garden became the town’s first public park, as it is landscaped with a rotunda, man made slopes, a lovely pond and even features pavilions.

A document survived over the years that states that the Rastorguyev-Kharitonov’s House’s garden is situated near the Beriozovsky gold mine. Even though this mansion, built by one of Ekaterinburg’s most successful residents, was built for raising families in and to be a legacy left behind to following generations, it ended up being the centre of all the quarrels and litigations that erupted amongst the heirs. Due to the endless fighting and unresolved arguments, it led to the mansion being unoccupied for a length of time, which in turn resulted in the mansion being let out. It housed the Palace of the Young Pioneers during the Soviet Era, and finally, it is today the home of the Children’s Centre for Creative Activities.


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