Explore the city of Perm in Russia

Situated along the impressive Kama River, Perm is the most Eastern city of Europe, and is also the sixth largest city in Russia and the second largest in the Urals. Perm is around two-thirds the size of the United Kingdom and covers a great area in the very heart of the Ural Mountains.

Perm is often internationally known as the name for the geological period (290 - 245 million years ago) in which the Ural Mountain Range was formed, but actually Perm is a very young city as it was only declared as a city in 1723. Perm is a main Russian transportation hub with the mighty Kama River, the Great Trans Siberian Railroad and the main motorways from Moscow to Siberia that all cross here. The city is the gateway from Europe to Asia and to Siberia in particular.

As the cultural heart and the former capital of the Urals, Perm is always directly associated with the Ural Mountains. Perm has an extreme diversity of rivers and caves that is unmatched in Russia, perfect for long outdoor Ural Mountain tours. Most tourists often find themselves on an excursion through the deep shafts of a working salt mine in the ancient city of Solikamsk, taking a shot of vodka on an excursion in the Urals oldest vodka distillery, having a barbeque at the Europe-Asia border or strolling through the beautiful sites of mosques, synagogues and several catholic churches.

Perm actually owes it existence to two factors: the large amounts of natural resources of minerals, oil and timber, that are present in and around this area, and the perfect location. A ferry trip on the mighty Kama River, a stroll through the central bazaar that releases the smell of original spicy kebabs and schwarmas being sold at all the typical small Russian kiosks, makes Perm a must see destination for every tourist.


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Yacky! - 2009-11-14 21:09:27

Spicy kebab is probably not the first meal I would like eat in Perm!!

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Larry Gonzales - 2009-09-06 19:32:51

I would like to view a city map of Prem,is there a wed site that i go to.I am looking for Danube street

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