Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theater - Russian Cultural Splendor

Perm Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theater is one of Russia’s most renowned art companies and was founded in 1870. Theaters on a whole are not new to Perm and have been around for a long period of time. At first the theater started off as a wooden building in Obvinskaya Street, but it burnt down in 1863. Again the structure was built in wood, but was later pulled down. Finally the residents of Perm saw the beginnings of a stone structure start to be built between the years 1878 to 1880.

The Perm Opera Theater, in 1965, was given its new name of P.I. Tchaikovsky and in 1969 it was bestowed with the rank of Academic. Perm has been made famous by the world-renowned dancers who have been molded by these famous companies found there. Dancers like Galina Ragozina-Panova, Nadezhda Pavlova, Lyubov Kunakoya, Olga Tchenchikova, Yury Petukhov, Svetlana Smimova, Galina Shalyapina, Marat Daukaev and others. Altogether the participation of the opera singers and ballet dancers in different international festivals has made Perm Theater famous.

In Perm there is also a well-known dance school near the academic ballet company. This company has not only attracted the attention of those in Perm but from many different countries. The Perm ballet company is one of the only companies in the Russian Federation that has a complete group of graduates coming from one school and not from all over.

From this time many works have been produced and are based on operas and ballets of P.I. Tchaikovsky who was born and lived near Perm. These classics are the basis for all the performances given and are regularly renewed and kept contemporary. These Russian classics are represented by the musical genre, opera. Examples of these operas are Prince Igor by A. Borodin, The Bride of the Tsar and Snow Maiden by N. Rimsky-Korsakov as well as works by G. Verdi, G. Puccini, C. Gounod, W. A. Mozart, R. Leoncavallo. This venue is also a basis for hosting the Diaghiley International Festival for Musical Arts.


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