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Once the capital of Siberia, the picturesque town of Tobolsk has now established itself as one of the noteworthy tourist destinations in Russian, and in the South Ural. It is a town that still remembers a time of economic prosperity, but is proud to share its heritage and culture with those who appreciate the town’s significance and the important role it played in the history of Siberia. It is not only the wonderfully restored buildings and historic attractions in Tobolsk that draw visitors to the town, but its peaceful atmosphere and its almost fairy-tale look.

The town of Tobolsk, established by the Cossacks in 1587, was to be a humble burg in South Ural, but soon became an administrative powerhouse. It is here where the first newspaper in Siberia was printed, the first theater opened and the first school was erected. Trade from both Bukhara and China started to flourish here, and a wooden Kremlin was constructed as a temporary fortress in 1594. When the Trans-Siberian Railway was built a short distance from the town, its population and significance started to decline rapidly. The town did, however, see its importance return with the development of oil and gas production. Many skilled workers remained in Tobolsk and even though the town slipped into relative obscurity again, when production slowed down, it did not lose its cultural and historical importance.

In recent years Tobolsk has regained some of the popularity it used to enjoy, not as a vital economic center, but as a major tourist destination in Russia. The breathtaking historical and spiritual attractions in Tobolsk have seen an influx and increase of tourists to the town and its surrounding areas. Sites such as the stone kremlin, the Cathedral of St. Sophia, the Episcopal Palace and the Merchant Courtyard, attract a lot of attention. Visitors are also recommended to pass by the Ascension Church, the Renteria Church, the Gostiny Dvor Church and the Tobolsk Museum.

Tobolsk has not lost its mystical beauty or the spectacular and unique landscapes that surround it. Its economical and industrial significance might have diminished a little over the years, but its power to lure visitors and travelers to it is still as strong as ever.


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syed qamar abbas shah - 2009-09-11 10:18:37

russia visit.

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