Verkhoturye - A Hub of Religious History

Looking out over the town of Verkhoturye, visitors are often caught staring aimlessly over the beauty of the rolling green hills, enjoying the soft whisper of the breeze and absorbing the quaintness of the wooden houses belonging to local residents. Verkhoturye is considered a holy place, and the peace and tranquility that is experienced here comes from the spirituality of this unique religious destination in Russia. As such, the attractions in Verkhoturye include mainly churches, monasteries and cathedrals.

Verkhoturye is approximately three hundred kilometers away from Ekaterinburg, in the South Ural of Russia. It was founded in the year 1598 and has a present population of almost 7 600 residents. As one of the oldest towns, and the first in the Urals, the town of Verkhoturye was once known as the 'Gate into Siberia'. Established as a junction between Siberia and Central Russia it became a flourishing trade center, bustling with residents and travelers. This of course led to the construction of religious structures and soon the town was home to what was referred to as the Urals’ Orthodox shrine.

But as the years went by and the start of the eighteenth century drew closer, Russia saw the shifting of the trade routes, and the rapid decline of what was once a popular trade destination in Russia. Hence, it is what was left behind, the spiritual attractions in Verkhoturye, that have made the town popular with tourists and pilgrims. Today there are over forty cathedrals and churches to visit in this small town. One of these is the St. Trinity Cathedral which has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. All the structures are architectural masterpieces, preserved and conserved as if they were only built yesterday. The interior of each church, with chandeliers and stained glass work, can only be described as art.

Visitors are recommended to view the St. Nicholas Monastery, known to be the largest of its kind in Russia, and the Verkhoturye Monastery, where the legendary Rasputin stayed for three months. The 1621 Protection Nunnery, the Crestovozdvizhensky Cathedrals and the Preobrazhensky, are all amongst the breathtaking structures in Verkhoturye. Visitors and tourists will be astounded at the beauty and detailed craftsmanship that is evident in these spectacular monuments to the past.


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Calvin D. Payne - 2010-01-28 04:51:45

With all these cities it would be nice to see a few pictyres of the town so a person could see a portion of the beauty of that city and give us a sence of your city and suroundings. thank you Calvin

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