WATERWAY OF THE TSARS From Moscow to St Petersburg Russia

This fascinating boat cruise travels across numerous rivers, canals and lakes within the heart of the former Tsar's realm, past monasteries and timber built churches to as far as Saint Petersburg. Our journey begins in Moscow, capital of Russia and the largest city in Europe where both Tsar rule and soviet communism gave the city its present day appearance. The famous Red Square features the Resurrection Gate and Marshal Zhukov on his horse located on a monument of honour and next to it, the Alexander Garden with trees, roses and fountains. Around seventy kilometres north of Moscow is the monastery town of Sergijev Posad. In the fourteenth century one of the centres of the Russian Orthodox church was built there and now it is a living sanctuary of the Russian Orthodox Christians. After a night on board the cruise boat, the next morning takes us to Rostov Velikij, an old Boyar town on Nero Lake where the Rostover Kremlin is the town's main landmark. A closed complex as if from a Russian fairy-tale, ecclesiastical splendour beyond white walls. Saint Petersburg is known as the Venice of the North and features such splendid buildings as the Winter Palace and the Eremitage, the largest museum in Russia. Stopping at many destinations, we have experienced a unique waterway that connects the Tsar's cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg across the heart of Russia. A most beautiful route travelling rivers, canals and lakes, in the atmospheric wake of the Russian soul!



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