Meteor Explosion & attack in Russia, damaged property and injure thousand people, 2013

Almost 1000 are reported to have sought treatment after the fall. At least 34 of them were hospitalized, with two reported to be in intensive care. Until Friday morning, astronomers had thought the asteroid most likely to hit Earth was one called 2007 VK184. Friday's unexpected strike highlights the need for better searches for dangerous asteroids, and a global strategy to deal with any that are seen. Astronomers feel confident that they know the whereabouts of every asteroid larger than 30 kilometres. Such space rocks have been the priority because they have the potential to cause global catastrophe and mass extinction events should they hit us. None are known to pose a threat. There could be hundreds of thousands of these smaller asteroids waiting to be discovered. Were something of this size to strike the Earth, it would devastate an area the size of larger than most cities of the world.



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