Pinana brothers from Spain performing at the 3rd International Sufi Festival in Delhi

The Pinana brothers group from Spain starting off the 3rd International Sufi Festival in Delhi. The music of the flamenco guitar and voice by Curro and Carlos Pinana, were perfectly matched. The guitar riffs set off the evening, as the vocalist took over with songs that spoke the language of love, peace and search for the divine. If the vocals couldn't be faulted, neither could the lithe flamenco dancer whose steps held the audience captive as she dramatically shifted from easy to increasingly complex and sensuous moves. Hosting ICCR India (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) 3rd International Sufi Festival saw the participation from 6 countries- Spain, Russia, Iran, Tunisia, Azerbaijan and India. The event brought the Ghazal Sufi Ensemble group from Iran, Indira Naik from (Mumbai), India and Mechket group from Tunisia. The music of Iran has thousands of years of history, as seen in the archeological documents of Elam. Representing the Sufi tradition of Iran with much jubilation was 'Ghazal Sufi ensemble', a troupe formed in 2010 by Sahar Lotfi and Maryam Gharasou. Tunisian Sufi music is a way to commune with God and offers an opportunity to the public to enjoy the Bizertin Inchad Sufi in a modern perspective. Baccouche Slim is one of the few artists to make real substantive work on the Tunisian Sufi music. His musical practice, the approach of which is interesting and original, is associated with extensive research. Thisfootage is part of the professionally-shot ...



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