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Russian Ghost Adventures. [05:58]
Hello comrades. Today we go in search of the ghost of Santa Arnold Schwarzenegger in hopes of freeing his tortured spirit.

By motorbike towards Moscow for World Superbike [07:05]
Travelling by bike from Rome to Moscow: two women, the journalist Fiammetta La Guidara, and her mother, and one bike, the BMW F650GS. Fifteen days of adventure and emotion. This is the first video, from Rome to Russian border.

Russia Promo [05:31]
Barry & Corinne are in the planning stage of their next great adventure - overland right across Russia, in their beloved Jolly Green Jellybean. The 1973 VW camper van will be shipped from Long Beach, CA, first to Japan, and then to Vladivostok, to begin the 6000 mile road trip to Moscow. Check out our website for progress reports.

XWORLD by Hansa-Flex (Toyota Land Cruiser) [08:50]
It started punctually at 10.30 on 9th March 2008. Five Toyota Land Cruisers with striking styling and the Toyota Hilux vehicle accompanying the XWORLD tour left the HANSA-FLEX Group's head office in Bremen. Many members of staff, friends and partners of the company gathered in mild early spring weather to wave the teams off on their adventure. Together, they created a great atmosphere to launch the tour, their enthusiasm a symbol of the motivation behind XWORLD. It's been so much fun. For the last year-and-a-half, XWORLD has been travelling through Europe and Asia. Participants have encountered everything: Camping under the stars and luxury hotels, the Mongolian steppe and teeming metropolises, Chinese bureaucracy and overwhelming generosity. In a word: Taking part in XWORLD was a real adventure, and for HANSA-FLEX it was an enormous, satisfying challenge to oversee the project. But despite all the taste for adventure and its immense success, we will be skipping the last three stages and on September 20, 2009, we will drive from Helsinki directly to Bremen. This difficult decision has been prompted by a number of good reasons: The planned route of the tour would take the participants on the 41st stage from Helsinki back to St. Petersburg. Our experiences in recent months have taught us how fraught with obstacles it can be for the entire convoy to go back into Russia (vehicles, supplies, guides, etc.). Of course, this consideration on alone is not a reason for ending the ...

Russia, Petropavlovsk: Journey with Jamie Logan - Cruise Director at Regent Seven Seas Cruises [18:15]
Welcome to Jamie's Journeys! Join Regent Seven Seas cruise director and adventurer Jamie Logan as he travels to the most eastern part of Russia and down the Kamchatka Peninsula to this city founded by Danish navigator Vitus Bering in the service of the Russian Navy. Surrounded by volcanoes, there are no roads that connect it to the rest of the world. Also, checkout Jamie's cruise travel blog and if you love cruising and laughter visit - comical observations from the dock to the deck - presented in colorful, high quality, cartoons! Jamie and his wife, Dana are proud to be longtime employees for Regent Seven Seas Cruises the top-rated all-inclusive cruise line which means because it's all included there are no surprises! Checkout! their itineraries at - because upscale but not uptight is a great way to travel!

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