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USA N43 PROJECT [05:52]
Это рекламный отрывок из 2-часового документального фильма "Америка глазами русского", снятого японской телекомпанией UHB для показа на японском телевидении в 1992 году. Главный герой фильма - простой русский парень Андрей, попавший в США после снятия "железного занавеса". Андрей делится своими впечатлениями о США - стране контрастов. This short video is a part of documental film made by Japanese UHB Company for Japan. It shows the adventures of plain Russian guy Andrey who visited USA first time after the long years of cold war. The film was made in 1992 during PERESTROYKA and GLASNOST

The Peregrinator: Moscow [04:00]
Check out my adventures in Moscow, Russia. This amazing city has a rich history and a distinct culture like no other. One travel tip, if you don't speak Russian, travelling in Moscow can be quite a challenge. Be prepared to use a lot of sign language. All those years of playing charades definitely paid off :) Overall, I had a wonderful time there. I even bought my mom a Russian doll (she loves those kinds of things) Check out my blog: Music: "Dog Days are Over" by Florence + The Machine

Having lunch with the school kids in Perm Russia [02:30]
After a few classroom adventures with the students, I had lunch with the school kids in Perm Russia. They were very excited, and everyone wanted to take pictures with me. Lunch was only oranges, crackers and tea.

Elämysmatka Venäjälle - Kirov | Adventure tour to Russia: City of Kirov [17:16]
Kirovin kaupunki. Matkallamme oli lähinnä yöpymispaikka. Kaupungin sisääntulo antoi ankea vaikutelman - pienen kävelyn/tarkemman tutustumisen jälkeen aloin pitää kaupungista. Kaupungin nimi on aikaisemmin ollut Vjatka. Kirovista ei ole (tiettävästi) saatavana mitään matkaoppaita yms. Meillä oli kaupunkiin tultaessa vain Wikipedian tiedot, jotka ovat suppeat. Kaupungissa on kuitenkin reilusti yli 400.000 asukasta. Kaupungissa on ainakin luostari. ----------- Tein oman videon kaupungista siksi, että Kirov on ymmärtääkseni varsin tyypillinen venäläinen maaseutukaupunki. Näissä kaupungeissa asuvat arkielämää tavalliset ihmiset - ja vastaavia kaupunkeja on Venäjällä kymmeniä. Kirovissa ei juurikaan käyt turisteja - olimme ehkä ensimmäiset suomalaiset turistit kaupungissa. Hotelli oli hyvä. Ankean ensivaikutelman jälkeen kaupungista jäi mieleen kuitenkin positiivinen käsitys. Voisin käydä kaupungissa toisenkin kerran (on kuitenkin aika epätodennäköistä). ----------- City of Kirov (formerly Vjatka) in Russia. Population over 400.000 people. As I understood this is quite typical Russian rular city. That's why I made a whole video of this city - ordinary people live in cities like this. We did not know much of the city, beforehand: only that which is in Wikipedia: For us Kirov mainly a "stay overnight" place. Kirov is not often visited by pure tourist - and as I know there are no tourit guides of the city - if are they are in Russian. There is at ...

THE LARGEST VODKA TRAIN - From Moscow To Beijing -- Three weeks, twelve nations -- The most exciting active tour of the summer Largest Vodka Train Tour of SMS Frankfurt through Russia to Mongolia and China completed Frankfurt, August 20th 2010 -- From June twelve to 30th almost 100 adventure and sports enthusiasts from twelve countries were on their way by train, by foot, bus and ferry -- at the Vodka Train Tour 2010. This summer offer included among other things a boat party on the Moscow River, cross country running along the Eurasian border, a bath in icy Lake Baikal and a stay in exclusive Mongolian yurts. It was the largest organized cultural, sports and event tour of SMS Frankfurt. Start for all participants, coming from Australia, Barbados, China, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, the USA and more countries, was Moscow -- on 20th anniversary of Russia's independence. With a boat party on the Moskva River the organizers rang a unique, challenging and inspiring journey for the international participants. At the first stage they took the Trans-Siberian railway via Kazan to Yekaterinburg and the "border of Eurasia". Sightseeing and cross-country races were program at each station. Fun and sport mated the euphoric participants from all over the world, also at a picnic in the Eurasian border, when half of the group at the European, the other half on Asian terrain drank on each ones health. Irkutsk was the next exciting stop on the Vodka Train Tour. From here the ...

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