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America Meets His President
and I went to AnimeNext 2009 and one of my good buddies was Obama in an Itsuki cosplay. We love Hetalia and there was a huge Hetalia picnic during the Ouran Host Club photoshoot. We went to the pond area and found America. It was hilarious~ The best part was when all the Hetalia people turned around and started coming over. So this is for my buddy who was Obama~ PS All shall become one with Russia PSS We're no stangers to love~♥ ... Hetalia Axis Powers AnimeNext 2009 Obama Russia Alfred Ivan ...
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Moscow, Russia 2009
Hey all, this is a montage from my shots over in Russia. Sorry for the poor camera work, I just got the camera the day I got there and haven't had time to fully play with it. I hope you all enjoy the work and maybe this will encourage people to go there one day! :) Music is Praan by Garry Schyman
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