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Americans Still Killing Russian Babies And Children [02:37]
SOUNDBITE: Pavel Astakhov, Russian child rights ombudsman (speaking Russian): "During the three years of our work, the number of reported orphans has decreased by 35 %, whereas the number of children adopted by foreigners and taken abroad has decreased by 64 % during the same period. I am against the lowering of the age limit for criminal accountability down to 12 years, while some zealots suggest it should be 10 as in some bodies of crime in the USA. Nevertheless we are now facing a criminal responsibility for children who commit crimes of medium gravity. It's normal in international practice -- no unfriendly act of one state towards another should remain unanswered. As we say that the so-called Dima Yakovlev List Act is will be passed in retaliation to these unfriendly actions of the US legislators [Magnitsky Act], I believe such a bill should have been passed back in 2010. Then, when Artyom Savelyev was thrown out of America, which demonstrated how the US foster parents didn't respect the Russian law, as well as the US law -- it was all done against the US law -- and they don't respect our orphans. The children were killed. Such restrictions should have been introduced back then. And any adopting should have been banned at all. For months, we've been asking for the full information to be provided about the children from Russia, citizens of Russia - who are living in their foster families -- to no avail. No lists are available. No information is there. Therefore this ...

Video resume for America [01:02]
We created this nice video to make our dreams come true!

Marriage between Russians and Americans [04:00]
Russia has the highest divorce rate (5 per 1000 people) in the world and America is at number six (3.6 per 1000 people). So, one would guess that a Russian/American marriage would be doomed from the start. Surprisingly, the opposite appears to be true. The divorce rate for American men who marry American women: approximately 50% The divorce rate for American men who marry Russian women: approximately 20%. Multiple sources, including the Untied States Government, cite numbers very close to these. A Russian/American marriage is over two times as likely to succeed as domestic marriages in either country. Why These Marriages Succeed, an Excerpt from Pravda: Marriages between Russian women and American men are very successful and harmonious, according to a paper produced at the Psychology Institute in Russia's Academy of Sciences. When an American man switches from the model of American family where husband and wife are partners equal in rights to the model of an Orthodox family, he thus raises his own significance. In Orthodox families men are given more authority and are more respected. It is certainly an advantage for a man and raises his social and psychological status. In a word, American men seem to have tired of the feminism propagated by American women, and it is frequent that they seek Russian women to start families. Again, quoting from Pravda Russian wives in America give up the traditional model of the Russian Orthodox family which relieves them of a heavy burden ...

American Tourists Dancing in Uglich, Russia - Part 2 [02:49]
American tourists are given a short lesson in Russian dancing courtesy of two sisters with lots of energy in Uglich, Russia.

los lugares mas lindos de america [03:14]

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