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Weird Noises in the Russian Siberian Ural Mountains June 29-6-12 [01:19]
Weird noises in the russian wilderness Don't know what animals native here can make this noise Please comment on what your think it is, also share this becau...

Славянка 3_ (Москва, Россия) отель. [00:21]
России. Москва .Гостиница «Славянка» удобно расположен в центре Москвы, в 5 минутах ходьбы от станции метро «Достоевская». Отель расположен в нескольких минутах ходьбы от Театра Российской Армии, спорткомплекс «Олимпийский» и Театр зверей имени В. Л. Дурова. Отель предлагает 298 номеров различных категорий, включая номера эконом-класса по доступным ценам, стандартные и улучшенные номера. На территории отеля имеется бесплатный беспроводной Интернет (Wi-Fi) Вход для посетителей-служба Ресторан и обслуживание номеров. В кафе отеля сервируется Завтрак в стиле " шведский стол", а также в ресторане «Европейский Завтрак»Russia. Moscow Hotel «Slavyanka» is conveniently located in the center of Moscow in 5 minutes walk from the metro station «Dostoevskaya». The hotel is located within walking distance from the Theatre of the Russian Army, the sports complex «Olympic» and the Theatre of the animals name In. L. Durova. The hotel offers 298 rooms of different categories, including rooms of economy class at affordable prices, the standard and superior rooms. On the territory of the hotel is available free of charge wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) Entrance for the visitors is the service of the restaurant and room service. In the hotel cafe serves buffet style Breakfast buffet, as well as in the restaurant «European Breakfast» (туризм ,отдых, вояж, гостиница, Отель , бронирование, экскурсии,музеи, коттедж,дом отдыха,тур, Россия,Московская область,Россия,tourism, vacation, tour, hotel, hotel ...

33. How to Make Your Name Famous? by Entomologist in Ukraine (ENG) [13:06]
Entomologist Dr Viktor Fursov is talking about the unique opportunity to give YOUR PERSONAL or FAMILY NAME to newly discovered animals and make YOUR NAME VERY UNIQUE and VERY FAMOUS! Do you know that many scientific Latin names of insects, other animals and plants were given by scientists (zoologists and botanicists) in the memory of famous artists, poets, writers, politicians, scientists and even friends and sponsors! Do you want to make your PERSONAL or FAMILY or YOUR SPOUSE NAME famous and immortal and being included in a new BOOKS, new ENCYCLOPEDIAS and computer DATABASES of world's animals or plants FOREVER? YES! YES? YES! Many new species of animals, insects and plants are still DISCOVERED and DESCRIBED at the first time for the science by the scientists-taxonomists - zoologists, entomologists, and botanicists. These NEW scientific names of living organisms CAN BE GIVEN in YOUR HONOUR! Description of new organism will be published in a scientific journal, and cited later by other scientists. Then this NEW NAME will be included in a world's computer database of all living organisms on the Earth. In this case, your name will be saved IN BOOKS and memorized FOREVER! In old time famous scientists, Carl Linneus and Charles Darwin, and many other scientists gave many scientific names to living organisms. HURRY! HURRY! HURRY! YOU can support scientific research and expeditions, and your names will be memorized in BOOKS and ENCYCLOPEDIAS! Let's be our SPONSOR !!! Keep in ...

Россия.Хохлома..Khokhloma painting. [03:04]
.Па́лехХохлома́ — старинный русский народный промысел, родившийся в XVII веке в округе Нижнего Новгорода. Хохлома представляет собой декоративную роспись деревянной посуды и мебели, выполненную чёрным и красным цветом по золотистому фону. На дерево при выполнении росписи наносится не золотой, а серебристый оловянный порошок. После этого изделие покрывается специальным составом и три-четыре раза обрабатывается в печи, чем достигается медово-золотистый цвет, придающий лёгкой деревянной посуде эффект массивности. Традиционные элементы Хохломы — красные сочные ягоды рябины и земляники, цветы и ветки. Нередко встречаются птицы, рыбы и звери. Khokhloma - an ancient Russian folk craft born in the XVII century, in the district of Nizhny Novgorod. Khokhloma is a decorative painting wooden utensils and furniture in black and red on golden background. The tree when the painting is not applied gold, silver and tin powder. After that the product is covered by a special compound, and three or four times treated in a furnace, thus achieving the honey-golden color, giving the effect of a light wooden bowl massiveness. Traditional elements Khokhloma - red juicy berries of mountain ash and strawberries, flowers and branches. Often there are birds, fish and animals.(туризм,путешествия.поездки,страны,музеи,соборы,выставки,достопримечательности,отдых,Россияtourism,путешествия.поездки,country,museums,cathedrals,and exhibitions,attractions,recreation,Russia )

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