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1937 Soviet Newsreel - Railroad-based Bike Ride, Red Army Men [00:40]
A bizarre invention, totally in context of the 1930s Soviet overall "defense rage". Two Red Army men are showing their great skills in sports and taking a bike ride though the deserted plains of winter Russia clad in snow...

Плакучие ивы на Воробьевых горах в Москве [00:35]
Съемка 2012г. Воробьевы горы, Москва, Россия. Очень красивые и пышные плакучие ивы вдоль одной из аллей, по сторонам которой посажены теперь и молодые «именные дубочки» - в честь некоторых героев и полководцев русской армии в период Отечественной войны 1812г. (Shooting 2012. Sparrow Hills, Moscow, Russia. Very beautiful and lush weeping willows along one of the alleys, the sides of which are planted now and the young "nominal oaks" - in honor of the heroes and commanders of the Russian army during Patriotic War of 1812.)

TrnT22 [02:17]
December 20, 2012. Channel TV Russia-24, program "Utro-Russia" (Morning of Russia). You like World of Tanks? Welcome to the army!

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