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Russian victory against Napoleon's Grand Army [08:26]
Благодарность Russian victory in war against Napoleon's army of 1812. Russian Cossacks were forced to travel about 3000 kilometres, to enter to Paris during of the war of 1812. Only Russia was able to defeat against Napoleon's Grand army, Grand army created in the Napoleonic authoritarian and monarchical version of the European Union, because of Napoleon's Empire was the authoritarian and monarchies variant of forced integration of Europe, that is, the Imperial European Union. Half of the soldiers of Napoleon's great army were not citizens of France. One-third of the soldiers of Napoleon's army surrendered in Russia, half of Napoleon's soldiers caught up in a prisoner refused to return home and later they even could to become citizens of Russia. Only less than 6-7% of soldiers of Grand Army were able to have joint rescue together with Napoleon. The captives were the greatest part of survivor Napoleon's soldiers. The method of surrender to the Russian captivity was the most reliable method of survival of Napoleon's soldiers in Russia, Napoleon's soldier could only capitulate to survive. Russian language got two additional new words "Schwall" and "Sharomiga" designating an extraordinary need and extremely distressful situation of man (tramp and cadger) originating from the French phrases of "chevalier" and "cher ami". Loyalty to the emperor of France was the guarantee of death by reason of hunger. Napoleon fully discredited the own European policy by the catastrophic ...
Tags: Napoleon (Military Commander), Russia (Country), War of 1812, Moscow, Borodino, Battle, Battles, Napoleonic wars, Army, Grand Army, Cossacks, Paris

RUSSIA'S SPETSNAZ is special force [06:02]
Благодарность The original conception of special forces strategy and tactics is attributed to the Russian military theorist Mikhail Svechnykov (killed in Stalin's purges of 1938), who envisaged the development of unconventional warfare capabilities in order to overcome disadvantages that conventional forces may face in the field, and could to starting from the bold dream about victory in an unequal fight because had dependence with Russian military traditional readiness to the unequal fight. However, implementation of these theories was initiated by Ilya Starinov, known as the "grandfather of the Russian spetsnaz". Ernest Hemingway knew Col. Starinov, because we can know quotation of Hemingway, which slightly being a witness of the first use of tactic of Russian spetsnaz: "Courage is grace under pressure." Commandos mastering the art of sabotage. Commandos take crimson beret qualification exam in Siberia. Ground scouts use Ninja-style weapons in battle training. Airborne Force Scouts Practice Ambushes, Raids and Sniper Attacks.
Tags: Russian, Russia (Country), Spetsnaz, Sniper (Fictional Job Title), Military, Army, Force, Marines, Soldiers, Special, Recording, War, Forces, VDV, Airborne forces, Scouts, Rangers

Guard Changing at Moscow World War II Memorial (The Great Patriotic War) [01:39]
Over the course of my month in Moscow, I've been lucky enough to see many incredible and interesting things. One of these I was able to capture on film and is the guard changing at the Russian World War II (Known as the Great Patriotic War in Russia) Memorial outside of the Kremlin.
Tags: Russia, Moscow, World, War, Two, Memorial, Kremlin, Soldiers, Guard, Changing, Change, Uniform, Soldier (Profession), Wind, Color, Flying, Kite, Colors, Wings, Colour, Army, Living

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