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Фореста Tропикана. Подмосковье.Foresta Tropikana. suburbs. [01:42]
Фореста Tропикана. Подмосковье . Всего в 20 километрах от Москвы вас ждет Foresta Tropicana Hotel, в котором вы можете посетить Комплекс СПА. Вас ждет Wellness-центр, сочетающий в себе жар турецкой бани, паровые и гидромассажные кабины, мини-бассейн, эффективные уходы и массажи, а также настоящие обливочные ведра. В Центре красоты и здоровья вам предложат посещение массажных кабинетов, талассотерапию, процедуры мезотерапии, миостимуляции и многое другое. Помогут стать красивее и моложе грязевые обертывания и посещение парикмахерской и маникюрного кабинета. А банный комплекс, расположенный на берегу озера, подарит удовольствие от крепкого пара и ароматных веников. Красота, здоровье и заряд энергии -- все это подарят вам СПА-процедуры в Foresta Tropicana Hotel. Just 20 kilometers from Moscow is waiting for you Foresta Tropicana Hotel, where you can visit the SPA area. Waiting for you a Wellness centre that combines the heat of the Turkish bath, steam and hydromassage cabins, mini-swimming pool, effective treatments and massages, as well as the present pouring buckets. In the Center of beauty and health you will be offered to visit a massage parlor, thalassotherapy, the procedures of mesotherapy, miostimulation and much more. Help to become more beautiful and younger mud wraps and a visit to the hairdresser's and manicure room. And a sauna complex, located on the shore of the lake, offers the pleasure of a strong pair and aromatic brooms. Beauty, health and energy charge ...

Emergency Airplane Landing & Crash 2012 ✰ BloodyFailTV [01:28]
Epic Emergency Landing Airplande TG: Epic, Ultra, Scary, Biggest Man ➳ SUBSCRIBE my chanel, click LIKE and comment ! ➳ Every Day new movies !! Complacency has no place in soaring. I was trained better than to have lingered on the lee-side of a ridge over rough terrain. The...
Tags: Airplane, Crash, Emergency, landing, Accident, Scary, fire, crashed, 2011, USA, America, engine, strong, speed, fast, cars, Win, june, Lol, motocykle, laser, best, athenewins, WHATTHEBUCKSHOW, freddiew, machinima, truthorfail, monthlyfails, jeepersmedia,

SDK 2012 KRUMP CONTEST (1/8 FINAL) - Lil'Wrecker vs Girl Tight Eyez [02:50]
OUR FRENCH WEEK AT SDK EUROPE 2012 ! KRUMP CONTEST | Lil'Wrecker (Madrootz Army) vs Girl Tight Eyez (SK, Russia)
Tags: SDK, 2012, 431, krump, tight, eyez, wrecker, lil, buck, we, trust, anger, dance, style, girl, mdz, sk, russia, france, madrootz, straight, danger

Join us for Michigan Magazine Show 1717 as we visit the Buckley Old Engine Club during their 38th annual show Michigan largest old engine show! Then Dr. Igor Burtsev of Moscow Russia meeting with enthusiastic Michiganders at the Michigan Magazine Museum to hear Dr. Burtsev relate his years tracking Big Foot around the world and into MICHIGAN!
Tags: Big foot, finding bigfoot, igor burtsev, michigan, magazine, museum, barry stutesman, moscow, russia, sasquatch, yeti, bigfoot bash, Scary Ghosts, paranormal, search, buckley michigan, old, engine, club, show

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