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Traveling to France [00:28]
Traveling to France with Shirley. This was a great trip! France paris countries portugal london olympics travel channel Europe Germany England America States China "United States" Australia Nations Russia Spain Japan Canada European Asia World Brazil "America (West Side Story Song)" Kingdom India
Tags: France, paris, countries, portugal, london, olympics, travel, channel, Europe, Germany, England, America, States, China, United States, Australia, Nations, Russia, Spain, Japan, Canada, European, Asia, World, Brazil, America (West Side Story Song), Kingdo

Bilderberg Raiders in Syria [00:48]
PSA: On July 26 2012 the Prince Bandar Bush bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Ist Sports Utility Vehicle Division was spotted wandering aimlessly through the desert. If anyone knows what has happened to them or spotted them would they please make a report to 1-800-FU-NATO.
Tags: Syria (Country), War, NATO, United, Nations, United Nations (Organization), America, CIA, Germany, England, United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, China, World

Delicious Seoul Story 2012 [03:04]
This video was made for «Delicious Seoul Story» Video Contest» Hi everyone! We are from Russia, Vladivostok! We love Korean food, Korean culture, and we love Seoul! Participants: Krameeva Julia, Chernetcova Victoria. Our dish is called mushroom soup in Korean Ingredients: fresh mushrooms - 300 g. beef (sirloin) - 300 gr. rice - 200 g. Garlic - 2 cloves Butter - 3 tbsp Flour - 1 tbsp Water - 1.5 liters. Sugar - 1 tsp parsley - 3 sprigs red pepper (ground) - to taste Salt - to taste Watch our video. Thank you :) We don't own the music. Credits: Ludmila Senchina-Zolushka
Tags: delicious, seoul, story, visit, korean, food, russia, 2012, cooking, contest, korea, kitchen, family, vladivostok, friends, fun

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