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"Real Russia" ep.31: Sparrow Hills and Moscow State University [03:46]
Quick looks on Moscow from the observation platform of Sparrow Hills, one of the highest points in the city, and Moscow State University named for famous Russian scientists Mikhail Lomonosov, one of the legendary Stalin's "Seven Sisters". For more episodes, please, don't forget to support our channel, this is one of the sources that keep our channel indepent and running -

Meteor hits Russia leaves a big Crater [Feb 15, 2013] [00:53]
Meteor Crater in Russia Footage! SHOCKING!! 15/2/2013 (RUSSIA) CRAZY Apocalypse Now? Meteorite shower hits Russia lighting sky, shattering windows Dang what if that was over a big city!!!

Февральский туман. Воронеж. Россия/February fog. Voronezh. Russia [04:15]
Природные аномалии. 10 февраля 2013 в городе Воронеж стоял туман весь день. Natural anomalies. February 10, 2013 in the city of Voronezh was a fog all day.

Container Falls Off Truck after Failed Curve Maneuvre Usinsk, Russia [01:20]
This Truck Driver in the russian city of usinsk fails at a road curve and loses his Cargo. Luckily no one was hurt. Andrei Nikolaevich, the lucky driver later got on to the local news and explained his Holy Luck !

Shooting honorary canon in presence of Barzani in St Petersburg Russia [03:16]
During his visit to Russia in February 2013, the President of Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani, was invited to Saint Petersburg by performing a honorary canon shot in his presence. This event is only held when an important/famous figure visits the city. لە میانی سەردانەكەی بۆ رووسیا لە شوباتی 2013، مسعود بارزانی سەرۆكی هەرێمی كوردستان بەخێرهێنانی كرا بۆ شاری ساینت پیتەرسبۆرگ بە تەقاندنی تۆپێكی شەرەف لە حزووری خۆیاندا. ئەم مەراسیمە تەنها ئەوكات ساز دەدرێت كە كەسانێكی بەناوبانگ سەردانی ئەو شارە بكەن.

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