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Five killed as plane crash-lands in eastern Ukraine [01:20]
Five people were killed when a plane carrying football fans attempted an emergency landing and caught fire in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. The Antonov AN-24 plane was on an internal charter flight from the Black Sea resort of Odessa, with more than 40 people on board. It overshot the runway at Donetsk airport. Most of those on board escaped as the plane caught fire. Beth McLeod reports.

Russian Meteor Blast 'Heard' Around the World [00:54]
Authorities in a Russian city say more than half of the acres of windows smashed in the city by an exploding meteor's shock wave have been replaced. Friday's explosion, estimated to be equivalent to several atomic bombs, shattered glass in more than 4000 buildings in Chelyabinsk and the surrounding region, leaving residents vulnerable in temperatures well below freezing. About 1200 people were injured, mostly by broken glass, with 40 still hospitalized Sunday, the ITAR-Tass news agency said, citing Emergency Ministry figures. The Chelyabinsk city administration said in a Sunday statement that nearly 60 per cent of the city's broken windows had been replaced. Pieces of the meteor are believed to have fallen into an ice-covered lake about 80 kilometres outside the city, but no fragments have been reported found.

Ahmedabad is a very colourful city in India [09:23]
Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat (India). It is located on the banks of Sabarmati River. Ahmedabad is 3rd fastest growing city in the world and Ahmedabad is the best city to live in India. 600 year old Ahmedabad is the largest city of Gujarat state and was founded by Sultan Ahmad Shah when he saw a rabbit chase back a dog..Since then Ahmedabad has changed a lot. Ahmedabad is a very colourful city in terms of its rich heritage. This video show life style of Ahmedabad, The city is the administrative headquarter of Ahmedabad district and is the judicial capital of Gujarat as the Gujarat High Court is located here. With a population of more than 5.5 million and an extended population of 6.3 million, it is the fifth largest city and seventh largest metropolitan area of India. Ahmedabad is located on the banks of the River Sabarmati, 32 km (20 mi) from the state capital Gandhinagar. Though incorporated into the Bombay Presidency during British rule, Ahmedabad remained one of the most important cities in the Gujarat region. The city established itself as the home of a developing textile industry, which earned it the nickname Manchester of the East. The city was at the forefront of the Indian independence movement in the first half of the 20th century and the centre of many campaigns of civil disobedience to promote farmers' and workers' rights, and civil rights apart from political independence.

Meteor shower in 3 major citys in russia! This one injured 100 people!

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