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My beautiful Tatar Children [00:15]
Beautiful words in tatar from my beloved students in Naberezhnye Chelny on the day of my departure.

Horses on the Beach / Caballos en la Playa Esmeralda / Exotic Animal Display [03:06]
Sol Rio de Luna y Mares & Paradisus Rio de Oro share the same beach between Guardalavaca and Pesquero on coastal Holguin province in Cuba. This afternoon, equestrian activity preceded an 'exotic petting zoo' of local species. Look out beachcombers and sun bathers! Not your average green flag day. Music track: Sonora Carruseles ~ De Una Vez Gozando. Sonoran Carousels ~ Enjoying it all at once! Sol Río de Luna y Mares y Paradisus Río de Oro comparten la misma playa entre Guardalavaca y Pesquero en la costa provincia de Holguín en Cuba. Esta tarde, la actividad ecuestre precedida de un "zoológico de mascotas exóticas" de las especies locales. Esté atento a vagabundos y bañistas de sol! No es su día normal bandera verde. Sol Rio de Luna y Mares & Paradisus Rio de Oro partager la même plage entre Guardalavaca et sur ​​la côte Pesquero Holguin à Cuba province. Cet après-midi, l'activité équestre précédé d'un «zoo exotique caresser» des espèces locales. Look out de plage et les baigneurs du soleil! Ce n'est pas votre journée moyenne drapeau vert. Sol Rio de Luna y Mares & Paradisus Rio de Oro Aktien den gleichen Strand zwischen Guardalavaca und Pesquero auf Küsten-Provinz Holguin in Kuba. Heute Nachmittag, Reit-Aktivität eine "exotische Streichelzoo 'lokaler Arten voraus. Achten Sie beachcombers und Sonnenanbeter! Not your average grüne Flagge Tag. Соль Рио-де-Луна у Mares и Paradisus Рио-де-Оро и тот же пляж между Guardalavaca и Pesquero на прибрежные провинции Ольгин на Кубе ...

Helicopter Crash on Mountain a Russian MI-17 Crashes on Takeoff from Mount Everest Base Camp Nepal [00:59]
Helicopter Crash on Mountain a Russian MI-17 Crashes on Taking off from a Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal, on May 28th 2003. An accident report on AERO News Network states -- "A Russian Mi-17 turbine helicopter, enroute to Base Camp with porters on their way to the 50th anniversary celebrations of Mount Everest's (29002 feet) first climb, crashed Wednesday with at least three fatalities and seven reported injuries/survivors. The Mi-17 was based in Kathmandu and chartered from Simrik Air. On board were five porters, a mountain guide and four crew members. On its return the helo was to have picked up climbers that had just returned from having climbed the mountain in celebration of the May 29, 1953 ascent by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. The accident, seen on video, shows the Mi-17 on approach to landing and veering off to the left, suddenly, in a descent to disappear beyond a ridge line. The sight of parts flying about, shortly thereafter, occurs (apparently) at impact. Two of the dead were reported as mountain porter Phudorji Sherpa and cabin attendant Anup Dewan. An airport official claimed that, "The chopper left Kathmandu in the morning but because of bad weather it stopped at Lukla airport (in NE Nepal) for some time. It later proceeded to the Base Camp and crashed nearby." Among the injured was a German woman, who had the misfortune to be walking near Base Camp when the helicopter crashed. Listed in serious condition are Cris Lising (of Germany), the ...

FPS Russia Ending Song - Extended Rock Version. [01:28]
Not my work, I just extended the 18 seconds version. Have a nice day. ;)

Krsn2302 [02:34]
February 23, 2013. Channel TVC. Russia, Moscow region. Festive reportage. February 23 - a family holiday.

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