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Pinana brothers from Spain performing at the 3rd International Sufi Festival in Delhi [07:00]
The Pinana brothers group from Spain starting off the 3rd International Sufi Festival in Delhi. The music of the flamenco guitar and voice by Curro and Carlos Pinana, were perfectly matched. The guitar riffs set off the evening, as the vocalist took over with songs that spoke the language of love, peace and search for the divine. If the vocals couldn't be faulted, neither could the lithe flamenco dancer whose steps held the audience captive as she dramatically shifted from easy to increasingly complex and sensuous moves. Hosting ICCR India (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) 3rd International Sufi Festival saw the participation from 6 countries- Spain, Russia, Iran, Tunisia, Azerbaijan and India. The event brought the Ghazal Sufi Ensemble group from Iran, Indira Naik from (Mumbai), India and Mechket group from Tunisia. The music of Iran has thousands of years of history, as seen in the archeological documents of Elam. Representing the Sufi tradition of Iran with much jubilation was 'Ghazal Sufi ensemble', a troupe formed in 2010 by Sahar Lotfi and Maryam Gharasou. Tunisian Sufi music is a way to commune with God and offers an opportunity to the public to enjoy the Bizertin Inchad Sufi in a modern perspective. Baccouche Slim is one of the few artists to make real substantive work on the Tunisian Sufi music. His musical practice, the approach of which is interesting and original, is associated with extensive research. Thisfootage is part of the professionally-shot ...

Russian Orthodox Chant for Easter - "We Praise Thee, Our Lord" [09:30]
Here I present the Concerto for two choirs in three movements by Dmitry Bortniansky for the divine Easter Service. Sung by the St. Petersburg State Capella Choir under the baton & artistic direction of Vladislav Chernushenko. Accompanying paintings are of St. Petersburg through the ages.
Tags: Chant, Praise, Lord, Choir, Singing, Easter, Chorus, Russia, orthodox, Orthodoxy, music, sacred

FOR GOD'S GLORY !!! [04:38]
Christ speaks to the bride about a certain prelate. He tells her that a devout soul that loses the heat of devotion and of holy meditation due to her own pride and ambition and worldly entanglements can recuperate divine warmth and light and experience divine sweetness by humbling herself perfectly before God. SAINT BRIDGET PATRON SAINT OF EUROPE BOOK 4 Chapter 97 The Son speaks through the bride to a certain prelate and tells him: "You are like an immobile mill wheel. When it stands fixed and does not move, then the grain does not get ground in the mill. This wheel signifies your will. It should be mobile not with respect to your own will and desire but to mine, and you ought to surrender yourself completely into my hands. However, this wheel is very immobile toward my will, since the water of earthly consideration is troubling your mind too much. The contemplation of my works and my passion is almost dead in your heart, for which reason you have no feeling or taste for the food of the soul. So break through the obstacle that obstructs the passage of the water! Let the water flow so that it makes the wheel turn and become mobile again so that the grain can be easily ground. The obstacle holding back the water is mental pride and ambition. These obstruct the grace of the Holy Spirit and impede all the good fruit that the soul should be producing. Receive into your mind the true humility through which the sweetness of my Spirit will flow into your soul and earthly ...
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The snares are shattered when God inspires good thoughts, and when the heart desires to have the intention of fleeing base acts and of doing deeds that are pleasing to God. The enemy's din gets dispelled when the soul is discreetly penitent and has the intention of not repeating confessed sins. Know that the devil not only raises a din and clatter for people hostile to God but even for God's friends. You may understand this better by way of a comparison. A maiden was once speaking with a man when a curtain appeared between them. The man saw it indeed, but not the maiden. At the end of their conversation, the maiden lifted up her eyes and saw the curtain. Frightened, she said to herself: 'God help me so that I may not be deceived by the snares of the enemy!' When the bridegroom saw the maiden's sadness, he removed the curtain and showed her the truth of the whole matter. Similarly, perfect persons may receive divine inspirations, but then the devil raises a din whenever they get puffed up with sudden pride or become downcast with excessive fear or tolerate the sins of others with inordinate condescension or grow weak through excessive joy or sadness. The bride's words of prayer and praise to Christ and the Virgin. The Virgin's consoling reply to the daughter, showing her that God in his righteous decision often lets his power become more manifest through the lies of the devil. And about how tribulations lead to spiritual benefits. SAINT BRIDGET PATRON SAINT OF EUROPE BOOK ...
Tags: Bilderberg, Group, Freemasons, Protocols, Zion, Ether, egypt, sphynx, lost, civilisation, atlantis, illuminati, brotherhood, snakes, freemason, sumer, irak, babylon, annunaki, nephilim, dogon, orion, syrius, mars, stonehenge, nwo, hidden, history, zechari

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