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Vanoce objed čína čínská pánev wok [00:24]
Vanoce objed čína čínská pánev wok china asia asie
Tags: Vanoce, objed, čína, čínská, pánev, wok, asie, asia, bali, soja, buy, exotic, russia, male, maledivy, bora, dubai, dubay

Saint Petersburg, Russia -- The State Hermitage Museum [06:37]
Journey from Kuala Lumpur to Saint Petersburg, via Dubai, with Emirates. First day in Saint Petersburg is spent at the wonderful State Hermitage Museum, established by Tsarina Catherine the Great in 1764. It houses the largest collection of paintings in the world. 07 April 2012.
Tags: saint, petersburg, peterburg, russia, kuala, lumpur, kul, klia, dubai, dxb, pulkovo, led, moika, canal, palace, square, da, vinci, picasso, gauguin, matisse

Shakardara --- Pashto version [06:49]
Shakardara is a beautiful valley in district Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is renowned for its Oil and gas reservoirs.The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) has recently, successfully explored four oil fields in the area. From January 2010 onwards, sizeable reserves of oil and gas have been found in Shakardara with production of 1200 barrels per day (190 m3/d) of oil and around 5 million cubic feet (140000 m3) of gas. Singer: Fiza Fayaz new song 2012 Tag: Kohat university of science & technology (KUST) Shah rukh khan, salman khan, katrina kaif, Aamir khan, bollywood songs, Michael Jackson death, upcoming new movies Trailer, car on fire, saif fight, Agent vinod banned in pakistan,Pashto New Funny Tapay, Gulf, Sharjah, Ismail Shahid, Microscreen international, Izhar bobby, ptv production, pukhtana in england , geo TV latoon da pukhtoon Ismail Shahid in Dubai Latoon da Pukhtoon in Dubai
Tags: lachi, swat, attock, safari, Peshawar, NWFP, Islamabad, hunting, funny, phatan, jahangir, sahar, afridi, bazar, PAKHTOON, university, student, mountains, karakonline, ATV, tezz, songs, tere, bina, 2012, new, drama, Dubai, Mianwali, kalabagh, tabisar, isak

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