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Kaunas Lithuania funicular - Nikon D5000 HD [02:00]
Žaliakalnis Funicular Railway is a funicular railway in Kaunas, Lithuania. Built in 1931, it is the oldest funicular in Lithuania. The funicular is made of a wood-paneled coachwork and is serviced by a uniformed, English-speaking operator. The climb of 142 metres (466 ft) up from behind the Vytautas the Great War Museum to the Church of the Resurrection offers some of the best views in Kaunas. The ticket costs 0.5 litas. It was constructed by the engineering office Curt Rudolph Transportanlagen from Dresden, Germany with electrical equipment from AEG and mechanical parts from Bell Maschinenfabrik, Switzerland. The official opening was on 5 August 1931 with one passenger car, while the second car was only a platform ballasted with stones used to counterbalance the passenger car. The electric overhead power cable and the pantographs of the coaches are only used for lighting and heating of the cars. The upper station housed the electrically driven funicular mechanism in the basement, whilst the lower end of the line did not even have a shelter till 1932.[1] The funicular was renovated between 1935 and 1937. New larger cars with car bodies from Napoleonas Dobkevičius on underframes from Bell Maschinenfabrik were built and the lower station was given a proper building. The Žaliakalnis Funicular Railway was included into the Registry of Immovable Cultural Heritage Sites of the Republic of Lithuania in 1993.[
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My best memories of United Kingdom - Russia invasion of UK [01:29]
My best memories of United Kingdom. I was 1 week and a half in UK to see that country and enjoy the London 2012 Olympics. But what i find there was new friends and wonderful memories of a great country. I also check the Student Exchange Programs in UK "University of Cambridge" and "University of Oxford" both universities say yes but i am not 100% sure of leave my home, family, beloved ones, country, friends and Saint Petersburg State University yet. At last i visited Stonehenge and i feel the energy in that place. Now i am in my home Russia but my new friends, beautiful people and UK always will have a place in my heart. Btw for my surprise British people love dance.
Tags: London, 2012, Summer, Olympics, United, Kingdom, Great, Britain, England, Jennifer, Bestemianova, Jenny, Russia, Russian, Federation, traveling, trip, travel

Traveling to France [00:28]
Traveling to France with Shirley. This was a great trip! France paris countries portugal london olympics travel channel Europe Germany England America States China "United States" Australia Nations Russia Spain Japan Canada European Asia World Brazil "America (West Side Story Song)" Kingdom India
Tags: France, paris, countries, portugal, london, olympics, travel, channel, Europe, Germany, England, America, States, China, United States, Australia, Nations, Russia, Spain, Japan, Canada, European, Asia, World, Brazil, America (West Side Story Song), Kingdo

Bilderberg Raiders in Syria [00:48]
PSA: On July 26 2012 the Prince Bandar Bush bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Ist Sports Utility Vehicle Division was spotted wandering aimlessly through the desert. If anyone knows what has happened to them or spotted them would they please make a report to 1-800-FU-NATO.
Tags: Syria (Country), War, NATO, United, Nations, United Nations (Organization), America, CIA, Germany, England, United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, China, World

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