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Some Europe and Some Asia [01:22]
Some Europe and Asia and more
Tags: Italy russia west asia

Last chance this summer. 1st Part. [08:31]
I'am saying thanks To Matteo Massalongo (from Modena ,Italy , for 2nd song. First part is about driving in Lithuania,Poland,Germany. We had to be at unload place at Wednesday , but how did we hear from another driver ,that at Wednesday we can't drive at France it was 2012-08-16 , we planned to be at unload place just Thursday. Thanks for watching !! Music: 1. M83 - Midnight city , 2. The Scripts ft. - Hall of the fame.
Tags: Trailer (promotion), video, about, trucking, in, europe, truckers, CB, dalnoboisciki, road, Volvo, FH, 460, LKW, Polska, Poland, Germany, niemcy, journey, Convoy, lorry, kamion, россия, Russia, Дальнобой, Дальнобойщик, France, D

Moscow (Москва), Russia - 2012 [04:45]
Photos: Rodrigo Sotto-Maior.
Tags: Moscow, Москва, Russia, Europe, Eurotrip, 2012

Climbing Mount Legendary [14:32]
In August 2012 we decided to climb the highest summit in Europe, Mount Elbrus. After climbing Kilimanjaro last year, this was the 2nd climb on our goal to climb the highest mountain on every continent, the seven summits. We lucked out as the weather was perfect and we were able to do the whole thing in 5 days. Anyway, it's a hell of a climb, and definitely recommended to anyone who likes mountains, climbing, or just visiting back woods Russia....
Tags: Russia (Country), Mount Elbrus (Mountain), seven summits, mountain climbing, hiking, trekking, Europe, climbing, Mountains, Trail

AmaWaterways Excursions Around St. Petersburg, Russia During AmaWaterways' River Cruise Vacation [03:36]
AmaWaterways excursions in St. Petersburg, Russia to explore some of the many terrific places to see on an AmaWaterways Russian River Cruise Vacation, which travel between St. Petersburg and Moscow on the Vogla Baltic Waterways or in reverse. St. Petersburg offers amazing tourist attractions like the Hermitage Museum, Peterhof, the St. Peter and Paul Fortress, Nevsky Prospect and much more. Founded by Peter the Great, the city was built by slave labor on a drained swamp and represented Russia's Window the West in Peter's effort to force Russia to join the rapidly developing Western Europe technological and maritime revolutions. AmaWaterways is the premier river cruise line is operating 15 river cruse ships all over Europe, in Russia, along the Mekong River between Vietnam and Cambodia and now on the Chobe River in Africa in conjuncttion with land safari tours on private and public game reserves. Founded in 2002, AmaWaterways has been an industry leader for over 10 years and has launched the most luxurious river cruise ship, AmaCerto, in Europe and will launch two more in 2013. About AmaWaterways AmaWaterways is celebrating its 10th Anniversary by looking back on an award winning 2011 which saw their fleet expanded to 14 of the most luxurious river cruise ships in the industry. In 2012 they will add the AmaCerto, with a host of amazing new design features, and the Zambezi Queen, which will ply the waters of the Chobe River in the Chobe National Park during AmaWaterways ...
Tags: amawaterways, river cruising, russia, volga river, museums, nevksy prospect, hermitage, peter the great, st. petersburg, tsars, revolutions, stalin, lenin, war, german invasion, 900 day seige, catherine the great, european river cruises, rhine river cruis

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