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It's Russia Babe! Funny Videos! Best video for 2007-2013 about Russia! [07:04]
A series of strange events that take place in Russia. Такое возможно только у нас!)

The Trip Of A Lifetime [05:54]
My best friend and I embark on a thrill seeking trip around the world. Passing through Russia, Asia, Australia, South America and the USA, there's never a dull moment. We meet plenty of brilliant people, and do some once in a lifetime events. All captured on my GoPro Hd Hero 2 (720p/60fps). The track is by Glitch Mob - Drive it like you stole it. This is our trip of a lifetime.

Meteor Explosion & attack in Russia, damaged property and injure thousand people, 2013 [02:51]
Almost 1000 are reported to have sought treatment after the fall. At least 34 of them were hospitalized, with two reported to be in intensive care. Until Friday morning, astronomers had thought the asteroid most likely to hit Earth was one called 2007 VK184. Friday's unexpected strike highlights the need for better searches for dangerous asteroids, and a global strategy to deal with any that are seen. Astronomers feel confident that they know the whereabouts of every asteroid larger than 30 kilometres. Such space rocks have been the priority because they have the potential to cause global catastrophe and mass extinction events should they hit us. None are known to pose a threat. There could be hundreds of thousands of these smaller asteroids waiting to be discovered. Were something of this size to strike the Earth, it would devastate an area the size of larger than most cities of the world.

20 Yanvar / 20th January Massacre [01:56]
Please take your time to view this short film summarising the events of the dreadful "Black January" event. On the 19th to the 20th of January (1990), Soviet troops gunned down Baku and its civilians, killing and injuring thousands. This act will not be stood for and Azerbaijan will always commemorate this day as the day of the rebirth of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The ones who fought for our independence will not be forgotten. - Azvidmedia

Korston Hotel. Moscow (Russian). [03:22]
Россия. Москва Гостиница "КОРСТОН" Отель Москва" расположена в экологически чистом районе Москвы, на берегу Москва-реки, на юго-западе столицы в десяти минутах ходьбы от метро "Воробьевы горы", недалеко от одной из главных улиц города - "Ленинский проспект", в десяти минутах езды от центра столицы. Такое расположение особенно подходит для гостей и участников различных мероприятий проходящих на территории "Спортивного комплекса "Лужники". Так же Гостиница "КОРСТОН" Отель Москва" подойдет индивидуальным туристам, желающим осмотреть достопримечательности столицы - Воробьевы горы, Новодевичий монастырь, Цирк на Вернадского и Детский Музыкальный Центр. Из окон Гостиницы "КОРСТОН" Отель Москва" открывается прекрасный вид на панораму Москвы. Russia. Moscow. Hotel "KORSTON" Hotel " Moscow" is located in the ecologically clean district of Moscow, on the Bank of the Moskva river, in the South-West of the capital, in ten minutes of walking from the underground of "mountain Vorobevy", not far from one of the main streets of the city - "Leninsky Prospekt", a ten minute drive from the centre of the capital. This location is especially suitable for guests and participants of various events held on the territory of the Sports complex "Luzhniki". Also Hotel "KORSTON" Hotel " Moscow" suit individual tourists wishing to explore the sights of the capital - Vorob'evy Gory, Novodevichy monastery, Circus on Vernadsky's and Children's Musical Center. From the Windows of the Hotel "KORSTON" Hotel ...

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