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Moscow International Book Fair / MIBF 2012 00766.MTS [01:22]
Moscow International Book Fair / MIBF 2012. MIBF 2012 in facts and figures:• Guest of Honor - France. • Central exhibitor - Armenia. • Area - 36 000 sq. m. m • Participating countries - 45. • Participants - 1541. • Program - more than 500 events • New books - more than 200 thousand books in dozens of languages. International component Fair diverse. Strengthening and expansion of cultural and business of international relations, to identify ways and conditions for the export, import and transfer of mutual, and the promotion and advancement of the best foreign publications in Russia and Russian authors abroad - these are the main target of the Moscow International Book Fair.

Sergi Rusya-Almanya 2012/13 arasunda capraz yel aculir ve Federal Almanya Cumhuriyeti [11:25]
Sergi Rusya-Almanya 2012/2013 arasunda capraz yel aculir ve Federal Almanya Cumhuriyeti, Joachim Gauck arasunda Rusya Federasyonu V. Putin ve Devlet Baskan? Baskan? himayesi alt?nda duzenlenmektedir. Fazla yedi yuz siteler tek bir sergi alan? topland? Ortak tarihi ve kulturel projede Avusturya, Isvicre ve Letonya, Rus ve Alman taraf?, muzeler ve arsivler 75 kat?l?mc?lara verilmistir. Maruz kald?ktan sonra, Devlet Tarih Muzesi sergi Berlin'de Yeni Muze (Ekim 2012 6 13 Ocak 2013) yapulacaktur. Sergi projesinin kronolojik cercevesi - X-XX yuzyillarda, Ortacag'dan basar? ve son zamanlarun kargasa donemi icin -The chronological framework of the exhibition project - X-XX centuries, from the Middle Ages to the era of achievement and turmoil of recent times - cover the thousand-year period of the history of our people, to include many of the same record pages. Presents exhibits relating to different aspects of historical life of nations and peoples of the two countries, diplomacy, literature, economics, science, architecture, literature, commerce, film, etc. The relevant sections of the exhibition reflects not only historical landmark events, but also human destiny, and individual events. The exhibition is unique and the fact that more than half of the exhibits are displayed for the first time. Among the monuments of great historical and literary value, are: the oldest manuscripts - Izbornik Prince Sviatoslav (1073) and Psalms Egbert (ok.980), which represent the first portraits ...
Tags: Russia-Germany, 2012/13

Golden Horn Bridge Opening (Full HD) [01:07]
Bridge opening short timelapse movie. Music "November 20". (c) Andrey Mischenko. Vladivostok 2012
Tags: Tourism, Travel, Events, Vladivostok, Opening, Russia, Destination, Bridge

RussiaPower 2012 Show Report (Russian version) [09:22]
RussiaPower is an annual exhibition & conference event which took place this year in the beautiful city of Moscow in Russia. This film features a couple of exhibitors present in the event.
Tags: russiapower, Power, Energy, Russia, pennwell, Moscow, Events, Power-Gen

HydroVision Russia 2012 [04:48]
HydroVision Russia is a co-located event with RussiaPower which is an annual exhibition & conference. It took place this year in the beautiful city of Moscow in Russia.
Tags: russiapower, Power, Energy, Russia, pennwell, Moscow, Events, Power-Gen, Hydro, Conference, Exhibition

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