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Adventures at Florida Supercon 2010 Saturday! (part 2) [05:07]
This Convention was FREAKING AWESOME! COSPLAY! ANIME! GIRLS DANCING! COMICS! RICHARD HORVITZ! THE SOUP NAZI! It had it all! This is part two of the two-part series.
Tags: Lowbudgetltd, Deathdino828, thornyfuturex, Sam, Fisher, Rave, Neko, cosplay, anime, comics, doubletree, hotel, shadakahada, waldo, where's, comic, manga, florida, supercon, 2010, caramelldansen, laser, lazer, chasing, cat, ninja, ghost, modern, warfare, t

Meteor Madness - daytime meteor in Orlando [00:18]
look right above the sun. the meteor shoots by at 0:02 sec into the vid. some clarity was lost uploading it on youtube. {Leeron407}
Tags: Meteor, hits, wisconsin, Midwest, madness, meteorite, space, ball, fire, asteroid, outer, inner, atmosphere, explodes, impact, Orlando, Florida, WI, Chicago, lights, up, sky, stop, skies, day, time, light, sign, science, shooting, star, shower, UFO, sun,

F-22 Standing on its tail . INCREDIBLE [00:24]
This is the US Air force crapping all over the Russian garbage that exists. Russians always claim they can beat our Air force or have better equipment . When you see a Russian Air base you see grass growing up through the runway and people fighting for bread. Russians always have to bum rides off of the US to get into outer space. This is a testament to Russia Sucking and the US being AWESOME . We beet you in Rocky IV and the Cold War, Now were gonna do it again. Tetris was cool though , props to Russia on that .
Tags: Russia, Sucks. Sux, suxs, US Air force. USAF, F-22, Eglin, Florida. Tail Stand, Thrust vector, Crapping, on, USA Terrorism, war, airplanes, Raptor, YF-22, . coolbreeze, breezey, Epic win, win, America

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