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Brighton Beach Brooklyn, "Little Russia By The Sea".avi [18:00]
A little walking tour of one of New York City's fascinating quarters, Brighton Beach, where beautiful beaches, continental outdoor cafes and gourmet food sho...

Food that Moves [00:33]
In a trip to Moscow, Russia, late last year I came across a strange dish that moved. It was fascinating to say the least. I would have been hesitant to eat it but my lunch partner had no fear.

"Real Russia" ep.25: Scrambled Eggs Charged With Positive Energy [03:00] Since we've started making our channel we've got overloaded with the requests to show how to cook Russian food and what Russians just eat on a regular basis. We promised all the time to start film about it, but the trouble is that I personally can normally cook only a few things, and one of them is Scrambled Eggs. :) This is definitely not the traditional Russian food but for sure the thing ALL Russians eat from time to time! And that's at least what I can do myself. So this episode is more like just a start point, like a kick in my ass after which I will continue making more of them featuring more skilled cooks from the crowd of my friends. :)

Wonderful Food Doner - TURKEY [00:55]
Wonderful Food Doner

Витязево. (Анапа) Отель Островок [02:09]
Россия . Кавказ . Анапа. Отель Островок расположен в центре курортного поселка Витязево, напротив распложено множество детских аттракционов и вход на центральную курортную улицу "Паралия". Отель Островок состоит из двух 5-этажных корпусов на 152 места. Отель предоставляет достаточно комфортабельное проживание и хорошее питание по системе "Шведский стол" за относительно небольшую цену. Russia . The Caucasus . Anapa.Vityazevo Hotel "Island Of" is located in the centre of resort village Vityazevo, on the contrary распложено many children's amusement Park and the entrance to the Central resort street "Paralia". Hotel Island consists of two 5-storey buildings of the 152 seats. The hotel offers ample comfortable accommodation and good food at the buffet for a relatively small price.(travel,tour,,travelling,sea,beach,resort,excursion,cruise,hotel,,шопинг ,Гостиница ,отель,бронирование,бассейн, кондиционер,hotel, booking,swimming pool,air conditioning,отель,турист, тур,,поездка,море,пляж,курорт, экскурсии, круиз,touris, Сочи,Russia, .Анапа,Кавказ,Лоо,Лазаревская,Туапсе,Caucasus,The black sea,Черное море,)

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