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Isolated Haapasaari Island at the Finno-Russian Border [06:12]
offers information on the areas soil, as well as the over-fertilization of the Gulf of Finland and other environmental problems. There is a small reference library, where visitors can for example check what bird species they have just seen. There is a shop on Haapasaari Island. At the shop there is a fuel distribution point. There is also a Coast Guard station / passport inspection point on the island. ... Haapasaari Kotka Suomenlahti GulfofFinland Sea finno-russainborder summeratsea Finland ...
Tags: Haapasaari, Kotka, Suomenlahti, GulfofFinland, Sea, finno-russainborder, summeratsea, Finland, Russia

Personal Space Protector, created and designed by Vivian Puxian, in Coney Island [00:25]
infectious and contagious diseae such as the swine flu. Google "Vivian Puxian" and check article about it in the New York Post, in the Sunday edition (Jul. 26) of the Denver Post, also links from Canada, Italy, etc.... ... personal space protection protector vivian puxian art technology california mission pacific beach push bump step on contact social friendly infectious contagious disease swine flu prevention health artistic function new friends socialize preserve yourself russia york city ...
Tags: personal, space, protection, protector, vivian, puxian, art, technology, california, mission, pacific, beach, push, bump, step, on, contact, social, friendly, infectious, contagious, disease, swine, flu, prevention, health, artistic, function, new, friend

Evening At Neva 1 [00:22]
Saint Petersburg, Russia, July 30th 2009 ... News From Russia Saint Petersburg river Neva Vasilevsky Vasil island Strelka speed boat sunset
Tags: News, From, Russia, Saint, Petersburg, river, Neva, Vasilevsky, Vasil, island, Strelka, speed, boat, sunset

Celebrity Century Baltic seacruise [01:18]
sea located in Northern Europe, from 53°N to 66°N latitude and from 20°E to 26°E longitude. It is bounded by the Scandinavian Peninsula, the mainland of Europe, and the Danish islandsWe made a 13 day cruise thru the wonder Baltic Sea. ... Celebrity Century Baltic seacruise Tallin Helsinki Stockholm St. Petersburg Copenhagen Estonia Denmark Russia Sweden Finland travesía del mar kreuzfahrt croisière de mer baltique Ostseekreuzfahrt crociera Mar Baltico cruzeiro do Báltico круиз Балтийского моря ...
Tags: Celebrity, Century, Baltic, seacruise, Tallin, Helsinki, Stockholm, St., Petersburg, Copenhagen, Estonia, Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Finland, travesía, del, mar, kreuzfahrt, croisière, de, mer, baltique, Ostseekreuzfahrt, crociera, Baltico, cruzeiro, do,

Russian Swimmers in Freezing Brooklyn Waters
Russian and Ukrainian swimmers take the plunge in frigid Brooklyn waters of Coney Island, as they do every day. ... russian ukrainian russia brooklyn coney island freeze freezing swim
Tags: russian, ukrainian, russia, brooklyn, coney, island, freeze, freezing, swim

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