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✈ Ryanair | B737-8AS EI-ENZ | FR8523 | RYG-RIX | Arrival in Riga ✈ [10:11]
HD [1080p] Ryanair Boeing 737-800 [EI-ENZ] arrival into Riga (RIX/EVRA) on runway 18 inbound from Oslo Rygge (RYG/ENRY) as service FR8523. We were 30 minutes ahead of schedule, did a straight in approach to runway 18. Quite some turbulence on finals when passing through CB clouds, however the landing was good followed by quite hard braking. Hope you liked! Airline: Ryanair (FR / RYR) Aircraft: Boeing 737-8AS Registration: EI-ENZ Aircraft delivered: 25/02/2011 Date of Flight: 14/07/2012 Flight Number / Callsign: FR8523 / RYR8523 Departure: Oslo Rygge (RYG / ENRY) Arrival: Riga Skulte (RIX / EVRA) Seat: ROW 21A Flight Time: 01h32m Cruising Altitude: 39000FT / FL390 Arrival Gate: B8 Recorded with: OLYMPUS - SZ-20 (Full HD 1080p) Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed :-)
Tags: Here, are, the, tags, for, my, video, so, will, put, few, words, ryanair, riga, airport, RIX, oslo, landing, arrival, runway, 18, taxiing, to, gate, engine, shut, down, boarding, airbaltic, latvia, boeing, Plane, Simulator, Airplane, Carrie, Simulation (S

Drunk Woman Crossing Road In Russia [02:03]
A heavily drunk woman crosses a busy road in Russia by crawling as she was unable to walk or stand on her feet.
Tags: Road, Beer, Russia, Moscow, Drink, Field, Ukraine, Georgia, Animal, Mission, Latvia, Dog, Animals, Dogs, Cat, Cats, Pets

WK II Museum Fort Zachodni in Świnoujście [00:42]
Der Film zeigt einen kurzen Ausschnitt aus dem Museum der ehemaligen Batterie Henningsen.
Tags: Monster, battelfield, battel, Russia, Russian, Tanks, Tanket, T-34, T-80, T-55, T-50, T-72, T-90, T-95, kovrove, ahiska, rustam78, свд, драгунова, драгунов, Moscow, Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Ussr, Putin, Army, Vladimir, World, Anastasi

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