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Blasts tear through Russia military facility [00:40]
Blasts tear through Russia military facility (ROUGH CUT ONLY - NO REPORTER NARRATION) Several blasts at a military facility near the Russian town of Orenburg on Tuesday (October 9) led to the evacuation of a nearby settlement, with more villages to be evacuated in the next hours. A triple blast was likely an explosion of missiles stored at a facility near Orenburg and due to be disposed of by the military, Russian media reported. No casualties were reported, but Donguz settlement was promptly evacuated, with the further evacuation of three more settlements in the plans. An amateur video shot in Orenburg showed white smoke billowing on the horizon and people gathered on the central square waiting for news. There were no signs of any radiation leak, Russian officials said.

Apt346 [00:37]
September 26, 2012. TV KZN. Russia, Republic of Tatarstan. [incident] Near Kazan were found out the thrown out first aid kits of military standard. Fortunately are they, seems, does not contain anaesthetic preparation (Trimeperidine hydrochloride).

Antonov An-124 Aborted Landing!!! [01:29]
A Massive " Antonov Design Bureau " Antonov An 124 Ruslan attempts to land at Gander International Airport, ( CYQX ) But shortly before touching down the plane powers up and pulls back up only to come back around a short time later. The plane took off from Melbourne International ( KMLB ). - Sorry about the unsteady camera, The winds were gusting at 85 km/h at the time! Tags: antonov 124 225 aborted landing emergency land amazing video Antonov An-124 take off flyover fly over airplane plane aircraft huge massive big boeing 787 747 767 airbus a380 wind windy gale gust storm thunder tornado airport galaxy 17 globemaster military russia russian ukraine design bureau Simulator Air Airlines Takeoff Flying Fs2004 Small hard day to land

Crazy Russian Flyling His Jet Over The Road [00:57]
Only in Russia. Crazy Russian military pilot flies over his jet just above the vehicle on a public road

Goodbye Leningrad - Welcome back St Petersburg - ROGER GEORGE CLARK photos [12:58]
In the 1980s and early 90s the English broadcaster, ROGER GEORGE CLARK, visited Leningrad/St Petersburg many times. He took thousands of photos and recorded the fall of Communism. These are just a tiny selection from of his record of the city. 'I went to Leningrad to see what remained of the city of the tsars, not to study Communism,' he says. 'I was astonished at how much had survived and how beautiful the city looked. 'The Russians seldom looked cool. But they had elegance and style - if you knew where to look. I looked for it. That elegance and style rarely took its inspiration from Communism. Has anyone ever looked less stylish than Lenin and the Bolsheviks? No, the Russians in St Petersburg looked backwards to pre-revolutionary times. Despite the Communists and the destruction wrought during the 900-day siege during the Second World War the great buildings from the days of the tsars were still there - huge palaces from a bygone age - beautifully restored and preserved. As for clothes ... You could see people striding round the city in Tsarist uniforms. There was even a Lenin look-alike who looked more handsome than the original, was better dressed and less lethal. 'People in St Petersburg had class. The naval and military cadets behaved like public school boys. They were part of an elite and knew it. 'But this was the time when Communism fell apart and the Soviet Union collapsed - the age of glasnost (openness) and perestroika (reform) - the age of the last Soviet ...
Tags: Leningrad, Saint, Petersburg, Russia, Communism, tsars, sailors, soldiers

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